Monday, April 12, 2010

Taking It All In

While on vacation we love to visit a small animal rescue sanctuary nearby. We love the variety of animals there. There are a large number of large reptiles rescued and brought to them and they take in as many as they have room for. Although they are interesting to look at quickly, we are not big fans of these giant snakes, alligators, etc. Our favorites are the goats, deer and lemurs. We enjoy buying treats and feeding them. It is always fun and interesting. Bring out the food and you can quickly tell each ones personality. There is always one in the group that's in charge and one who seems to miss out on most of the treats. There is the greedy one, pushing the other's away and the sweet one who will always win your heart.

These adorable lemurs were inside and huddled up together, literally one on top of the other. We observed them for some time to try and understand why. Most of the lemurs were outside and very playful, these were not. Observing them paid off when they moved a bit and we noticed they had little baby lemurs they were protecting and keeping warm. I was so happy to have my camera ready. If you click on the picture it will enlarge so you can see them better. They were so tiny.

This little monkey is quite old and has been at this rescue for quite a long time. He is a funny fellow who likes to try and scare his admirers. He will pick up a toy and leap at the plexiglass, slamming the toy and making you jump. You can't help but laugh at his antics and he loves to see your startled looks.

This is his quieter but very cute roommate. He likes to sit by his tube where you can pour in some treats. Forget the crazy antics, the way to his heart is through his stomach.

Frisky lemurs playing outside. They were very entertaining. If you were not paying attention they would begin calling to you. They love fresh fruit and we were able to toss them some to enjoy. The kids just love the lemurs. They named them Julian and Maurice from Madagascar-one of our favorites.

I wanted to share this picture of my son. He has some antics of his own. He loves to take pictures and is always reaching for the camera. He sets up scenes in his room and then takes pictures from all angles. He is so sweet and very artistic. When he's not snapping pictures he's drawing. I am hoping to dedicate a post to some of his art work soon. He took this picture of himself-pretend sleeping-just to see what it looks like. He enjoys taking self portraits and I get a kick out of how well they come out. Isn't he cute?!

With our new doggies here we are all spending a bulk of our time outside enjoying them. I was out the other night and was lucky enough to catch this gorgeous sunset. I love to watch the sunset and sunrise. Watching the stars and looking for constellations, trying to name them is such a sweet time to spend together with our kids. Even at 16 and 12 they still enjoy it. I treasure all these moments before they are gone.

Last weekend my brother surprised us when he brought over this beauty. For Transformers fans out there, this is Bumblebee. This car actually has the Transformers logo everywhere, inside and out. It is filled with a vast variety of functions that would take quite some time to learn. I was lucky enough to drive this fab car. It is a standard and I love Camaros and standard shift cars. I had a blast. Of course he went with me to make sure I kept that car in shape.

Here are the doggies resting in their favorite spot, in front of the greenhouse. They were groomed last week and they needed it. Their winter fur was falling out in tufts and it is recommended that you bath them so it will fall out faster. It is a good thing we did, temps reached 92 last Tuesday and 85 on Wednesday. Not seasonal at all for New England.

Sklar shortly after being groomed. She was tired.

Petie after grooming. Look at those tired eyes. He likes to sit on the steps and wait for my husband to come outside. He absolutely adores my husband and follows him wherever he goes. I remember when Petie was a puppy-only weeks old and we all wanted to hold him. Now he tops off at 118 lbs. but he's a big lovable teddy bear.
Whew! If you made it all the way through thank you for bearing with me. I have so much to share but not much time to post. It's been fun sharing our recent adventures with all my dear blog friends.


TOSHeidi said...

Love the picture of Brandon. He is such a cutie and a sweet boy, just like you said! I'll be watching for your post with his artwork - I just love seeing his creations. I still remember the napkin at TGIFriday's last summer! I was very impressed.

Those dogs are just gorgeous! Does Todd look or sound like his brother? I bet that really helps the dogs. I'm so glad that everything worked out for you to get them. I remember you saying you would probably not have a dog at all, if not for the kids; but it sure sounds like you've had a change of heart and that you are really enjoying and loving the huskies.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Those dogs are just gorgeous. I'm glad you're giving them such a good home. And, the sunset picture is lovely. Just the simple beauty of a day.

Adrienne said...

Oh wow! What a post - I need to do one of those too ... lots going on. Whose doesn't love pics of animals, 'sleeping' boys, and sweet doggies!

My boys love transformers - bumble bee being on of their faves!

Larissa said...

Love reading about how you have embraced your doggies! the pleasure you receive from dogs far outweighs any chores or worries and i can tell that you no longer feel anxious about your decision to take them in. You are a great mom for nurturing and encouraging your son's interest in art - your support surely means so much to him.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Those fur babies are just adorable as is the car. My husband had a camero when we first met.After we married and lived a bit...we traded it in for a suv..ha!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Ruth,

I love the Lemurs...I knew a guy in middle Tennessee that owned several. Those babies are so tiny and so cute!

The doggies are appears you have things more settled for them and everyone is settling in with the changes.

It really is hard to believe that it's April and it appears that Springtime has been just a dream since it appears that Summer has intruded upon us too....first the cold cold winter now the instant summer..what gives??

Hope you are doing good..come by when you have the chance.


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