Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

The days are running together here.  It is April and I still don't know how that happened.

Writing out the date today I wrote March and found it hard to accept that April is here.

Musing about the passing rain showers we are expected to receive later this week.  A little 

concerned for so many who are still cleaning up from the flood.

Wondering what luscious project I can complete with this divine yarn.  I purchased on 

clearance and need to choose my project carefully.  I don't want to run out of yarn before

the project is completed.

These two cuties have been keeping us busy.  They have had so many adjustments in such  

a short time.  They lost their owner, were cared for by my sister in law for three months and

 have know moved 

here.  We are trying to make them content here with us.  

Last week my brother and I spent a day working on electricity for their home.  They now

have light.  They like the light to stay on at night.

My dear husband took them to get groomed and they look spectacular.  New pictures will be

coming soon.

Computer time has been very limited.  The to do list is forever growing.

Accomplishing the long list of things keeps me away.

Our dear daughter has a car now.  Scary and exciting all at once.  We were blessed to 

find a great Chevy Blazer for a good price.  It has excellent features and the price was right.  

She loves it.  She is out right now having a driving lesson with her dad.

The years have passed in a flash. How this came to pass in the blink of an eye is

unfathomable.  Just yesterday she was in my arms.


gwengoods said...

I know what you mean about April being here so quick, I thought I would have time to make some bunnies for my shop, and now Easter has passed. Your dogs look wonderful, enjoy them.

Alison said...

Beautiful dogs! We have 2 Husky/Yellow Lab mixes- they're a handful, but oh, so pretty!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Such thoughts....You have a lot on your mind. My daughter is learning to drive too. It has been one of the most nerve-wracking couple of weeks that I have ever lived through. I'm definitely a little more grey these days.

cinnamongirl said...

I know when my daughter gets hers I will feel the same way. Still have a little time yet. They grow up fast don't they.

Hope your water dries up soon that is wicked.

neli said...

Beautifull blog!!!!

patty said...

sorry it's been so long since i've been here... just busy trying to learn for all the changes. yes, time goes too quickly. my 15 yo has his permit now... yikes. hop eyou choose a proj you love for the yarn and keep us updated!

Holly said...

It is crazy...April is halfway over sort of and I cannot believe it is even 2010! That yarn is beautiful...cannot wait to see what you create!

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