Friday, April 16, 2010

Sound of Spring

Every morning my husband or I will get up and go out early to let out all the doggies.  For over a week, I could hear the tapping of a woodpecker in the trees nearby.  We are surrounded by trees and finally, I spotted him on a branch.  I ran in right away and grabbed the camera.  It was all ready I zoomed in on him sitting there with his head bobbing away while he searched for breakfast.  He flew away before I could take the picture.  

For the rest of that day we could hear him but he didn't come and stay long enough for us to take his picture.  He was camera shy.  

Finally, one morning I went out with camera in hand and was able to catch one shot.  The one and only that he let us get.  Hubby, my son and I tried again a few times but it was effortless.  He allowed us this one picture.  
I could hear him busy at work for a few mornings after that.  Then he was gone.  I have not heard him since.  I miss his tap, tap, tapping and watching his little head bobbing back and forth.  I miss chasing him down the street, camera in hand to get just one more shot.  Alas, I must be happy with the one we captured before he moved on.

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Adrienne said...

we have a woodpecker near by - to fast for me too! maybe one day i'll get a pic!

patty said...

i must be following behind you from the blog-hop. i see your comments and was just thinking, why doesnt ruth link up.... and then, there you were! lovely post, he's a beaut for sure, and i love your new blog design... really, really great!

imoomie said...

So glad you got the shot you did.

Aren't some of the delightful things in life hard to put your finger on, somewhat intangible except for the photo you snapped in your mind's eye!

Great post!

stitching under oaks said...

we have lots of woodpeckers here in our neck of the woods...they are sounding quite similar to our itchy dog right now. she's got terrible allergies and I've started call her woodpecker as that is what she sounds like when her paw gets thumping on the ground from all the scratching. (she's on medicine so hopefully she'll be feeling better soon!)

sara's art house said...

How sweet! I absolutely love woodpeckers! And that you saw him- that is neat.

Larissa said...

I really like the photo you captured - and that your blogged about it. A perfect way to document this Spring moment. I'm into documenting these days - the other day i checked my own blog to see when something took place.

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