Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It Goes On and On

The kids have a school break this week. The local public schools are out and I decided that we have enough days and can take a break, too. Of course there was a motive to why I decided they could have a week off. I have a to do list a mile long, and I'm not exaggerating.

I participated in the napkin swap at Stitching Under Oaks. My partner, Chris, sent me the cutest napkins, in red, because I love it!! I love the adorable napkin holders from Pier 1 that she included. She also sent me the cutest teapot notebook. I made some cute napkins for Chris with some strawberry fabric that I fell in love with. With the hurry to get them in the mail I, of course, forgot to take some pictures.
Here's the package I received

On the to do list this week is this:
Our dining room before:
Here it is now:

We purchased this table and I have been waiting to find the time to paint it. It is finally completed!
I love how substantial the legs on the table are. We also have eight chairs to paint.

I'm not looking forward to painting them but I can't wait to have them finished.

I used this wonderful paint. Love it! It's self priming and self sealing.

Here are the chairs. Now I need help~What is the easiest way to paint chairs! I do not want to spray them so any tips will be appreciated.

This is completed much to late but better late than never. I love this scarf. It is ribbed and I crocheted it super long to wrap around a couple of times. I used Lion Brand Organic Cotton yarn. I am in love with that yarn. It is so soft!!

Here is a close up with the flower I crocheted. I need to find a small brooch to add to the middle of the rose.

I am super pleased with how it turned out. I look forward to using but do not want to wish that kind of weather on us too soon. I am looking forward to enjoying the summer, sun, picnics, barbecues and walks on the beach.
The week is half way over and the list is still a mile long.

Eight chairs to paint
A hutch to sand and paint
Some Mother's Day sewing to be done
Bathroom fixture to spray paint
Kitchen hardware to spray paint
Small cabinet in dining room to paint
Add this to the daily to do's with homeschooling and life. I know you can all relate. I know that as much as I would love to finish all of this in the next few days I will not be able to. My brother will be helping me redo our bedroom. There will be more on that as work begins. We will work on this on project every Thursday, his day off. I am excited but not looking forward to the disarray while the work is done.

I don't think the to do list will ever be complete. For each project I cross off I add two or three. Such is life at home.


cinnamongirl said...

Nothing like solid wood furniture. When I painte wood furniture I used a brush or a small roller on chairs. Looks great!

Love your scarf and flower.

MMMM Lists they seem to be never ending like the laundry. The reward of acomplishment that you is so worth it though.

cinnamongirl said...

I meant the reward of acomplishment you feel.

Dang no edit button and hit enter to soon. Lol

TOSHeidi said...

Ruth~ That scarf turned out GREAT! Love it! I can just picture it on you this winter. But, like you, I don't want to wish away the warm weather!

I like your old table. I'm partial to the pedestal tables. The new one looks great too, though. Have fun painting the chairs.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

There's always another project to be done. I can relate. The table looks great. And your scarf if wonderful -- now tuck it away. We're not going to get any more cold weather, right?

gwengoods said...

Hello Ruth, I have a Sunshine award for you on my blog.

Sheryl-lyn said...

You should see just the list of quilting projects I have to finish in one way or another!! Yikes! Love the table and chairs. I usually use a brush for chairs and then go over them with one of those sponge brushes to make sure they are smooth. I love your old table and chairs too!!

patty said...

your scarf is beautiful... love the flower! great job, and amidst all these other things to do! wtg, ruth! i've been away far too long... trying to finish our school year, too, and play ball, and tote to dance rehearsals, and andandandand.... :P

hope to read some more a bit later... off to make dinner!

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