Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Lovelies

The weather outside is dreadful. We have had one of the rainiest months in over 30 years. In the past two days we have had over 6 inches of rain. There has been hardly a moment when the heavens aren't pouring. It is a little depressing. Hopefully, since we have had our April showers a month early maybe the May flowers will make an early appearance. Severe flooding has affected some local areas. Many homes have four feet or more of water. We are blessed to only have a little bit of water coming into our basement. Many roads are closed due to flooding. Homes have been evacuated. The new huskies are not very happy these last couple of days. They are happy just running around in the rain, puddles and mud but they get a bit too messy. We had an almost an hour of no rain and the dogs were thrilled to run around.

Been wanting to bring some sunshine into our home. We are promised some sunshine and a gorgeous Easter weekend. I have been slowly adding some Easter lovelies throughout the house.

Robins Eggs that I painted and speckled. They are from the Dollar Tree. I love how they turned out. They look sweet in the Dollar Tree glass jar that I added to the dollar candlestick.

Bright and cheerful Easter eggs

Easter Eggs tucked in here and there

Found this bit of lace in my craft room. Love it.

Love the little birds with some more Dollar Tree eggs.

I found this great cloche while we were away. It was on clearance and I was thrilled to find it. It needs a good cleaning. I love it and have looked for one for some time. Eager to add some lovelies to it.
Just a bit of sunshine to brighten our days while the rain pours outside.


Imene said...

It looks like the Easter bunny really likes your house!

gwengoods said...

So wonderful, I like you vase with the robin's eggs, Happy Easter!

Just be happy! said...

love thde eggs you painted, they're beautiful!
nice that you can bring something to the house to cheer you up.

luci said...

I love the robin blue eggs in the glass very chic.. or should that be chick!

stitching under oaks said...

wonderful lovelies for sure...love all the spring goodness!

patty said...

since i'm going about this backwards, i hope that by now the rain has stopped and that you are starting to dry out! the colored eggs are lovely!

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