Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's All Coming Together

We are back from our much needed vacation. The r & r was just what the doctor ordered for our family. Since my brother in law's sudden death in December things have been so unsettled here for more reasons than I could begin to explain here. We spent a lot of time at our timeshare, resting, watching movies, reading, laying around, enjoying each other's company and quite a bit of eating too.

We were equally as excited to come home. Before we left the fencing was completed and the shed that would house the dogs was installed. We knew that we would be bringing them to live with us as soon as we returned.

The shed installation was amazing. It is prefabricated. Bringing all the pieces from the truck to the correct spot in the yard was one of the longest tasks.

The next step was building the floor/foundation. It was a bit time consuming. They were very careful to be sure that everything was level.

Once they began putting up the walls, things went in a flash. They were almost working faster than I could snap pictures.

The stood each of the walls up and then screwed them all together.

The roof went up just as quickly.

Covering it up.

Time for shingles

Here it is completed~all of the fencing is up. I took some time and laid peel and stick vinyl tiles on the floor. It makes it more homey and easier to clean up. We purchased a futon for them to share as a bed. They love to sprawl out together.

Here they are home with us. This is one of their favorite spots to sit in the yard. They actually carry their food bowls out of the house to where they like to sit.

They are a mom and son. Skylar, the black and white, is the mom and Petie, brown and white, is the son. He is much bigger than his ma.

We are thrilled to finally have them here with us.


Adrienne said...

That's awesome. Glad you got some r&r and what a great treat to come home to.

TOSHeidi said...

Wow! The dogs' new home looks great! They are beautiful dogs. I'm sure you'll enjoy having them there with you.

stitching under oaks said...

that's wonderful! so glad they are finally home with you all...I know how special it is for you to being able to care for them.

Sheryl-lyn said...

What a nice shed!! Love the beautiful dogs too. I am especially glad your family had a chance to recharge together away from all the hustle and bustle!!

sara's art house said...

Wow - what a cute little spot for them!

cinnamongirl said...

Looks great and the dogs look very content. Holiday Inn for dogs lol

Glad you all had a great trip away.

patty said...

they are beautiful dogs and you made an amazing home for them.

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