Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Burlap Pennants

I am still hobbling around on crutches and wearing a knee brace.  I have been icing it and hoping it would be better by now.  It is a little better but not back to normal.  I can't believe I did this.  It has not been fun.  My personality is not conducive to sitting while everyone around me has to do everything.  I like to be up and about and getting things accomplished.  I can bear some wait on my leg but have been cautious until I see the doctor this afternoon.  

While sitting on the couch with my leg up I decided the fall and boo banner needed some embellishments.  
 After:  I added some ribbons and a cute little bat.
 After:  I added a squirrel and some felt leaves.

This kept me busy for a little while and made time go by a little quicker.  

I am crocheting some flower embellishments for my cowl.  Trying to keep busy and sane.

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Lindsay said...

Your mantle is beautiful! The boo banner looks so pretty on it.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Love your decor -- sorry you're aching though! I think I need to make a bunting!

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

Ohhhh they are just soooo perfect I LOVE and need both!!!! I have been wanting to do something like this for quite some time.....ooohhh it looks so so great! :o)
Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

Holly Lefevre said...

It is so hard to be down! I bet you will be making more gorgeous creations! Hang in there. Love your pennants!

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