Thursday, May 19, 2011

In The Rain

In the past two and a half weeks this is all we see-dreariness.  It has rained on and off and we have only been blessed with one sunny day since Mother's Day.  
 It downpours and stops but the sun does not come to visit.  I am in need of sunshine.  I am feeling very deprived.  I may be suffering from vitamin D deficiency from all the lack of sunshine.
With all the rain these girls have been spending long days in the house.  They are not very pretty smelling and are in desperate need of a bath.  If only the sun would come out and play. Not only is it consistently cloudy and raining, the temps have been in the 40's and 50's.

Longing for fresh air.  I want to open the windows and let the freshness fill our house and drive the stinky doggy smell away.  You can live with it in the winter but when spring time arrives you want/need sunshine and fresh spring air. 
For now I must resort to lighting these through out the house in hopes of driving away the wet, stinky dog smell.  

In the second photo you can see, to the left, the dog shed with a fenced kennel and covered roof.  This was intended for the dogs to live.  When Skylar and Petie came to live with us, they would stay out there together but since Petie has passed away Skylar does not want to be there by herself and we don't want her by herself either.  We tried to put our beagle in the house with her and it did not work out well.  Our beagle does not like other dogs very much.  She wants people.  So now we have this large area we are not sure what to do with yet.  When we go out Skylar (black and white) husky has to stay in the dog shed because if not, she tears up our house.  It is hard to train her because she is 7 and things haven't been consistent in her life.  Besides she is stubborn.  I think we need a dog whisperer.

What I would really like to be doing is gardening.  I worked on preparing our garden right before Mother's Day.  I had every intention to get the plants in the ground shortly after that but the weather has not cooperating.  Last Friday, our only sunny day, I headed to our local farm to purchase our plants.  The dear farmer said I needed to babysit the plants this week because of the rain and cool temps.  

I am itching to get out there and dig in the dirt.  For now I am enjoying these books:

I want to plant a large herb garden with our veggies this year.  Our front flower beds are in need of cleaning out and a lot of work.  They were sadly neglected last year with the kitchen remodel.  I am hoping to have them all pretty as soon as this bother some rain stops.

I have also finished this:

It is incredibly soft.  I love the pattern but it is wider than I usually like.  If I use this pattern again I will probably cut it down to only one strawberry pattern per row.  The pattern did say gauge was not important but I would prefer a narrower scarf.  For this one I left it this way because it is different from any of the others I have.  I will be warm and comfy and look amazing with a bright, large flower pin.


monica said...

I am praying that you get some sunshine!!:)

Running Mama said...

Thanks for the comments Ruth. I saw your running questions. I am reading a great book right now. Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running. Love it so far, learning a lot from it. Also, you may want to try compression socks, and a knee brace. Or yeah, the bike or swimming would be best for your knee but I'm not the Dr. You won't burn as many calories on the bike, so I'd suggest an eliptical :)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Rain, rain and more rain. That's the story here too. Oh -- and we have a smelly, wet dog as well.

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