Monday, May 23, 2011

In Shape

A couple of years ago I realized that I was completely out of shape.  I am at an ok weight but could stand to lose a few pounds, but what I realized is that I need exercise.  Toning and getting lean became a priority.  I had heard of Jillian Michaels and knew she was tough.  I knew that I needed strength training but also cardio. It is what I struggle with most.  With that being said, I knew I had to make exercise a priority in my day.

I have recently added this to my daily exercise.  Although they are short sessions, she keeps you moving and you will break a sweat.  If you don't please don't tell me, it would make me really feel bad.  There are four separate sessions and you should move through them in as many weeks.  I have not because I do not work on this dvd only.  She also recommends working out 6 days I week.  I am currently doing four.
 Another tough but excellent workout.  One thing that I love about her dvds is that you really feel the workout and that it's working.  Sometimes, that doesn't feel so good at first.

 This is one of my favorites.  I have been doing this twice a week for over a year.  I then mix it up with the above strength training and cardio workouts.  
Running is something that I would love to be able to do but physically it's a challenge.  I have had a bad knee since I was young.  I also have other issues with my legs.  Maybe they just need a little more exerices and toning.  I am working towards leaner, stronger legs.

My Ipod is also an excellent tool for working out.  I have downloaded quite a few apps.  All free.  This makes it so easy to get a little workout anytime.  I have short and quick workouts right through a Nike training camp app filled with longer and more difficult sessions.

I am not an exercise lover though I wish I was.  I am often coming up with a million excuses for not working out but I force myself to do.  I am usually much happier afterwards because I feel so much better.  Hopefully, posting it here will keep me accountable and motivated.

We have finally been blessed with some sunshine. I had the best workout ever yesterday in the garden.  Last year we let the garden rest and filled it with leaves and compost to improve the soil.  Well with all our hard work the surrounding bushes enjoyed the benefit and sent their roots throughout the garden.  Yesterday I  hacked away at all the roots and was able to cultivate the soil.  Once it was ready I planted our plants that are ready.  I was able to accomplish this with only hand tools.  It is certainly rewarding. I hope to have pictures of the garden soon.

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