Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer List

Summer is finally here.  We are finishing up the last of our school work and very soon I will have more free time.  We will continue to work on a few things, especially reading, throughout the summer but it won't be as stringent a schedule as during our usual school months.

So what have I got planned for all this free time?  A lot of painting.

On the to be painted list is:

The living room~it needs a facelift.

Our son's room~he has completely outgrown the look of his room.  I am going with some PB inspiration on a thrift store budget.

The exterior doors~front and back~At this time they are both boring white.  Of course, the ideal would be to also paint all the shutters, too.  The house has shutters on all the windows, front, sides, back and we have a lot of windows.  Last but not least, the second floor shutters are up high and I don't know if I'm up for the ladder climbing and getting them down. We will see.

Here are some of the paint chips and booklets I picked up at Home Depot.
Not sure what we will finally settle on.  Our son has chosen his color already.  It took him no time.  It's taking me forever to make my color choices.
 After we paint the living room, my dear brother will be changing out all of the trim.  What we have is very outdated and has seen better days.

We will be adding the same trim we did in the kitchen.
(notice the old sink, this was before the granite counters, new sink and faucet)

I'm looking forward to getting started on these projects.  I can't wait to share the new look with you all.

What are your summer plans?


Adrienne said...

My boys are going to learn how to wipe down baseboards and mop! I need to do some serious cleaning. After that ... relax! We have been so busy that I can't wait to slow down a bit.

Good luck painting! You are a better woman than me - I don't like to paint - I'm so messy (b/c I don't take the time not to be!)

stitching under oaks said...

I need to make a summer list! whooo hooo...enjoy all your projects. Summertime is a great time to get things done. just make sure you take time to rest.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Ruth --

I just heard about the tornado in Massachusetts and I thought of you. I hope you and your family are all okay and you can get onto that summer list soon!

Best wishes -- Jodi

Sarah said...

Great post. I enjoy your blog and just followed you!


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