Thursday, February 24, 2011

On the Agenda

We are currently taking a short break from schoolwork.  I have a list about a mile long of UFO's that I have been working on.

*Touch up paint in entryway and kitchen-done

*Paint baseboard in kitchen and entry-done

*Paint toe kick-done

*Touch up paint on dining table and chairs-done

*Apply  antiquing glaze to table and chairs and kitchen cabinets

The hutch in the picture below (to the left) is getting a facelift.  It is in progress.  I have painted it, now some glazing is left to do.  I want to distress it a bit also.  This picture is old.  I have changed so many things since this photo.   The snowman picture on the wall became this.  The table is gone.  We now have a new dining set.  I will post pictures of all the goodies when they are complete.  I am hoping to have everything done by early next week.  I am excited to share them with you.  I wish I had taken a good before picture of the hutch alone but it has been in limbo since the kitchen remodel and my mind was consumed with kitchen ideas at that point.  

I will be enjoying the weekend with some time to rest and prepare for our return to school work next week.

Looking forward to spring, warm weather and sunshine!



Heidi said...

Can't wait to see what you've been up to. I like your old table and chairs! :)

stitching under oaks said...

girl, you've been busy! can't wait to see your photos. enjoy the weekend.

Larissa said...

oh, I have a list much like this of painting left to after I painted most of my house this summer. can't wait to see your hutch too. Hope your doggie is felling better by now - she looked really sad in that huge collar. Enjoy this weekend!

sara's art house said...

Can't wait to see the hutch!

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