Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turn the Page Tuesday

I first heard about Bloodroot from Edie at Life In Grace.  She has the most amazing reading list and I often choose books from her list to read myself.  When she recommended this book I knew it was a must read.  

Bloodroot is the first novel from author Amy Greene.  It is a family saga taking  place on Bloodroot Mountain in East Tennessee.  The story begins with two narrators setting the stage for the perplexing story ahead.  Spanning four generations, this book takes us through the lives of its characters.  Each one narrating a section, giving their own perspective of the events that occur throughout.  The characters are complicated, perplexing, and at times, dark.  As the story unfolds we find that the characters' lives are all entwined.  They have each played in a part in the others lives.  

This is a book that you can't put down. Once you begin reading, it captures you.  When you are not reading you are thinking of what will happen next in the story.  Truly an amazing book that captures the struggles of Appalachian life, family life, nature versus nurture.  It is highly recommended.

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Adrienne said...

hmmm sounds interesting! Thanks for joining in!

Jill said...

This sounds interesting. I'm always on the lookout for recommendations for my book club... this might be one.


Paula said...

Sounds really good. My ancestors came from Appalachia so I'm always fascinated by stories with that setting. Adding this to my reading list!

Heather Jane said...

That does sound good. We lived in Arkansas for 4 years and we were so struck by how deep the Appalachian culture runs there. I think I'd really like this. I'll definitely check it out!

Holly said...

This sounds like a book I would love. I have not read many books lately - just blogs...I need to get back to reading some books for sure.

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