Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outside my Window

This is what we see today.  Snow and more snow.  We are running out of places to put it all.  There has been a snow storm every week since December 26.  Not small ones most nearing a foot.

I am thankful for this that keeps us warm.  It has been working overtime with our temps plummeting.

With the fire leaving ash everywhere and this cutie living inside due to the cold and all the snow

This is what we get everyday~a fine layer of fur, dust and ash on every surface no matter how many times I wipe them clean.  Now it's just time to look the other way.

 Our bush does not enjoy this snow.  The extra weight is doing nothing for its shape.
 What little melting occurs, refreezes and we get these long icicles and layers of ice everywhere.
 It's beauty is not lost on me.  The covering of white
 fresh, crisp, clean

But now we are clearly longing for spring. 

 The sky looks beautiful, causing me to hope for sunny days and slow melting.  

There has been more snow this year than I can remember in a long time.  The first year we homeschooled the kids were longing for a snow storm.  They wanted to go outside and play, build snowmen, sled, and chase the dog around the yard.  It never really snowed.  We had one storm that gave us maybe two inches.  They spent hours outside.  They carted all the snow to one location to build a snowman.  Their joy was evident as they completed it.  Now a few years later we are overwhelmed with the mountains of snow we have accumulated. The season is still young.  I am eagerly anticipating some warmer days without shoveling.  Soon our fence will be completely covered with our snow mound.  Home Depot has sold out of not only snow blowers but also shovels.  They can't keep them in stock.  There are no snow blowers to be purchased not only in our state but in the surrounding states.  

In all honesty I wish I was here.  Meeting wonderful blogging ladies like this sweet lady and this sweet lady along with many more.  But I am here and I will try to be content, staying warm indoors and not peeking outside.  Resting my weary muscles after a morning of shoveling.  Drinking a whipped cream covered latte, reading a good book and crocheting.


Adrienne said...

Oh wow - that's a lot of snow! I hope you stay warm!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Ruth,

It's been the same here this winter...the locals are telling me this is the most snow they've seen in over 15 years.

I've had a snow storm every week since the first week of December! And of course, we don't own a 4 wheel drive vehicle either..oh joy! So I've been literally snowed in. Thank goodness I have plenty of rambling room and the wrap around porches...otherwise, I'd be totally nuts by now.

Thomas worked a short term job in the past 6 weeks and is coming home tomorrow for good.

Drop by sometime..I know you stay busy and me too but I do miss hearing from you.

Stephanie ♥

Toni said...

Brrr it looks cold there! I know what you mean about the fine layer of fur everywhere. My dogs leave what I call mini dogs all over the house, the baseboards, the surfaces, everywhere. Doesn't matter if I follow them with a a cleaning cloth or broom or vacuum, it's still all over!

Found you through TCB today!

Farmer Gal said...

Sometimes some things are more important than keeping your house clean... Like staying warm and making sure your fuzzy friends don't suffer! Our 'outdoor' dogs have been in this winter too, and I have to confess, even though I love them, I do not love their hair on everything. Can't wait for warmer weather!

cinnamongirl said...


Doghair,soot, and snow here to. We were at green grass and plants sprouting then bang snow and temps dipped back down. I am thankful I have my sewing. Spring is not far off. Hope all is well miss chatting with you.

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