Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Project of 2011

We have been hit with our second big snowstorm here in the Northeast.  Just when the previous snow was all melting we accumulated another foot of snow.  While the weather outside is dreadful we stay indoors trying to keep the house warm.  I have been busy working on some crochet projects.  I have three scarves to finish for some friends.  My dear daughter wanted a new hat.  So the hands have been going as quickly as possible.  Of course, all of these enjoyable projects would be completed much sooner if it wasn't for the everyday fun of laundry, dishes, meals, vacuuming, and of course schoolwork. 

 The hat I completed for my daughter.

 These are a couple of afghans that I completed as Christmas gifts.  I love the cable pattern.  It was my first time working with this pattern and it was so easy.  It is actually from a book on baby afghans but I just used a thicker yarn to make them bulkier and warmer.  I made these for my great neighbors.
 Isn't this pattern beautiful.  I am thrilled with the crochet cables.

I am hoping to finish a few more projects this week and posting them ASAP.  Now if all this housework would just go away.  Maybe some cleaning fairies can invade my house.  LOL

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Sarah said...

Beautiful work on both the hat an the afghans! Thanks for sharing!


Adrienne said...

Wow! All that detail would have taken me forever. Those cables are so pretty - I bet they are so warm. You are a good neighbor ;-)

I bet your dgt looks adorable in that hat - it's very cute

Emily said...

WoW! How does one crochet cables? Is there a way to explain it or point me toward some books?

sara's art house said...

Super cute hat!!!

Larissa said...

Your work is beautiful! I've never seen crochet cables like that before - gorgeous blankets! Love the white hat for your girl - perfect for winter!

patty said...

my biggest problem is finishing... and you've finished these HUGE projects! congrats to you!! they are pretty... do you knit, too? wondering if the crochet cables are easier or harder than knit? just curious!!

Artfulife said...

Those blankets are so beautiful!

I'm Kristen, the pajama mama said...

what beautiful gifts...wish we were neighbors!;)

i'm so sorry for your second loss. i tell my husband we can't have dogs because i can't bear to lose them. kids have a longer life span, generally, so we can have more of them.

Anonymous said...

Love the darling hat! I am wondering if you might share the pattern with us.

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