Friday, April 5, 2013

Garden Planning with Pinterest

The month of March was a blur.  It came and went without much fanfare here.  I did celebrate another birthday and this year will be filled with many changes.  I do not know what the future holds but I am embracing all the plans that God has for me.  It is only through Him that I can travel this road with its twists and turns, and blind curves.  I look forward to seeing His work in my life and in our family's life.

Spring has arrived, at least on the calendar it has. Are you all planning your gardens.  Time for the green thumbs to come out and shine.  We have had below normal temps and very few sunny days.  Although I am longing for the warm sunshine of spring, I am believing that April showers will bring us many May flowers.  While I spend my days indoors waiting for the illusive warm sunshine of spring days, I have spent some time planning our garden.  I am very interested in Growing Food not Lawns.  This site contains a wealth of information that at times makes my head spin.  I am not completely averse to lawns but find that the space can be better used to grow food that is far healthier for you. Also the upkeep and maintenance of a lawn with all it's fertilizers and mowing seems quite wasteful and unhealthy.

Our greatest challenge here is space and our three dogs.  So I have spent some quality time perusing Pinterest for ideas.
This is one of my favorites.  It is functional and pleasing to the eye.

Vertical gardening saves so much space and you can grow a wide variety of veggies this way, even tomatoes.  Who knew?  Okay, many of you probably knew but this girl had missed out on this.  Can't wait to try this.

Containers are also a fabulous way to grow things.  It will keep the dogs from trampling all over the plants and allow us to grow things in places where we wouldn't normally think of growing things.

This is definitely on the must try list.  As the summer gets hotter, our lettuces always suffer but not they can be protected from the hot summer sun by their cucumber or squash friends.  I would like to try this with beans, too.
Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

This is similar to the one above.  I would put it right over the soil with lettuces or spinach growing underneath.
. These raised beds are perfect for small spaces.

An amazing use of space

I have also found such wonderful tips for gardens on Pinterest.  This watering tip is so easy and a fantastic idea.  It also saves water.

Fabulous idea for containers.

You could spend a week on this site dreaming gardening dreams and planning to grow enough to feed an army.  Love all the tips shared here.

There are so many more ideas on Pinterest but this is where I am starting.  Can't wait to dig in the dirt and grow something good.

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