Friday, December 17, 2010

The Kitchen Finale

I am so excited.  The kitchen work is just about complete.  It has been a long process.  No one could have told us that when we started this project in July that we would just be finishing up now.  There were many obstacles.  We were working with the existing space and trying to make it more functional, updated and eye pleasing.  We encountered many different obstacles along the way, including pipes where we never thought there would be any.  It made for some interesting and stressful moments but we've made it.  My brother has been the hardest worker on this project and I can't thank him enough for all the work-blood, sweat and tears-he put into it.  We could have had this without him.  
The entry way-half way through-will we gut this archway too?  He wasn't too sure.

 The back entry before we began

 back entry looking into our living/dining room before:


Kitchen before any work began-it certainly was in desperate need of work.  Unfunctional and cluttered 

 The beginning of the project where we tore down the first archway

 The before of the living room looking into the back entry to the kitchen


In the spring we will be repainting the living room.  New trim will be added around our windows similar to what was added on the kitchen windows.  We are also thinking of redoing our fireplace.  My brother has some great ideas and we can't wait to see what the final decision will be.  Stay tuned..

Completed kitchen-except for two heater covers my brother is building

I am so completely happy with our new kitchen.  It looks amazing.  So much easier to keep things organized. The space functions so much better.  Just in time for some holiday baking and treat making.  My family is looking forward to many goodies and treats.

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