Monday, March 30, 2009

~Spring is in the Air~

Spring is in the air here. I am so excited to be planting seeds and getting ready to plant my garden. This is my first time starting seeds for my garden. Usually, I would buy the plants so it was easier. This year I am gardening with heirloom seeds and ordered them from Seed Savers Exchange. So far so good. Things look like they are more than ready to grow.

These are the flower seeds I will be planting. Haven't had a chance or the room to start these inside. I am going to try to grow lavender. The starting instructions are quite different. You plant them, put them in a plastic bag and then into the refrigerator. Very different~can't wait to see how it works. I am also planting vining petunias, wee willies, hollyhocks, and morning glories.

These are all the vegetable seeds that I have started. I did this last Wednesday and can't believe how well everything is sprouting.
These are the tomato and pepper seeds. They just came up today.
Here are the cucumber and squash seedlings. I started them in a damp paper towel inside a plastic bag. They sprouted within a couple of days.
These seedlings are for a gourd mixture. I love gourds so I decided to grow my own to use as decorations in the fall.
These seedlings can be brought outside now. They are kale, spinach and two kinds of lettuce. We are working on our garden and building an enclosure to keep out squirrels and rabbits. The squirrels here are absolutely out of control and will ruin anything. They have been stealing all of the newspaper I laid out in the garden to kill the grass.
Here we have corn and bean seedlings.

I am absolutely amazed at how much everything has grown in less than a weeks time. These are magic seeds. LOL~ I am just so glad and hoping they continue to grow and will bring me lots of joy as they bear their fruits in the garden through out the summer.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

It is a beautiful spring day today and I am loving it. It's not "officially" spring but the sun is shining and the temps are in the 50's. Much better than the snow, freezing rain and rain we have gotten our share of this year. I am just thrilled to see the house filled with sunshine. It's a great way to brighten your mood and motivate you.

I wanted to share some pictures of the wonderful treasures I have received from fellow farm girls at MaryJane's Farm.

I received this wonderful tea cozy from Ann. It is just wonderful. She hosted our tea cozy swap and was a wonderful swap leader. Despite a small snag she figured things out and everyone was happy.

Ann also hosted the St. Patrick's day craft swap. This is the first craft I received from Kelley who happens to live just a couple of cities over from me. I love this adorable Irish flag with the yoyo shamrock.

Ann made this wonderful filet crochet shamrock. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Kelly from TN made these wonderful potholders. I never have enough of those and these are just so cute.

I have so enjoyed all the swaps that have been done at Mary Janes Farm. It has been such a thrill and a motivation to make more wonderful things to share with others. I don't know too many people who appreciate hand made things, although I think that is changing more and more. I love to create but usually don't have anyone to give it to, or share it with. Now I have found a whole group of wonderful ladies to share with.

I love the Better Homes and Gardens website. They always have so many wonderful ideas. I signed up to receive their emails and came across this wonderful sewing room.

Isn't it fabulous. I have a room in my basement that I need to clean all the junk out of and then I would love it to look like this.
You can look at all the creative storage ideas at The Perfect Sewing Room.

This is another great space. I just love all the special touches and organizational tricks. I will be working away on that room this spring and hope that it can look at least a little bit like the rooms above.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Days Fly By!

The days seem to be passing faster and faster. I can hardly keep up with all that is going around. Ds is enjoying his art class and having fun. I am glad that last week as our last gym class. Now we are able to stay at home and get more accomplished.

I finished my apron for the apron swap at MJF. I am new to sewing and had to make a couple of corrections along the way but was happy with how it came out. I loved the fabric.

I added some lace I had bought at the antique store before it closed. I thought it added a nice special touch.
The St. Patrick's Crafts were also finished and mailed off in time. I kept trying to come up with a good idea and this is what came of it. I have received an adorable St. Pat's craft from a girl who is close by and a filet crochet shamrock. Both are adorable and I need to take pictures of them.
My tea cozy from our swap also came in. I'm behind on pictures but hope to catch up this week.

Last week was the first week I did not have a package to mail at the post office. I have enjoyed the swaps and all the new people and great ideas. More inspiration!

Below is the wonderful apron and many other goodies I received from my partner. The apron is just beautiful. I love the fabric and the pattern. She did such a great job. I also received many extra treats from her. The towels are hanging in my kitchen and I have used the pot holders and dishcloth many times already. I really needed new potholders and these are just great.