Saturday, September 25, 2010

Little Bits

Time comes and goes so quickly.  The world spins on and on, days pass quickly, I blink and whole weeks have disappeared.  The first day of fall came and went, I didn't realize it until this afternoon.  Fall is my favorite season for many reasons.  Usually by this time gorgeous fall colors and decorations are filling our home.  We are not there yet this year.

Our summer was busy.  We had new dogs to welcome to our home and enjoy.  Our kitchen remodel was started.  We spent some days at the beach, walking the shore, enjoying the sunshine and dipping our toes in the cool water.  

Our school year is now well under way.  My daughter is a senior and there are many vital things on our "to do" lists for this year.  She will be taking her second round of SAT's in just a couple of weeks.  We will soon be attending some college open houses.  It is all very exciting but a bit scary, too.  Putting together her portfolio and finishing her transcript are huge undertakings.  

The kitchen project is still "under construction."  The cabinets are in except for one that we needed to reorder.     There is still a lot of painting that needs to be done.  The doors take a little while because I don't have the room to spread them all out and paint them at once.  The new cabinet doors are in.  Our original cabinet order came with the wrong style doors.  Trying to return just the doors and not the whole units was not easy but it was finally accomplished.  The counter has been templated and I can not wait for them to call me to install it.  I am holding my breath waiting to see how it all looks together.

The new window trim and the trim around the opening is complete.  The windows looks fantastic with the new trim.  I am loving it!!!!  The new lighting has also been installed and what a difference it makes in the room.  I hope to share pictures with you soon.  We are plugging away at it slow and steady.

I hope you are enjoying your fall season.  We enjoyed some gorgeous fall weather for a couple of weeks but this week summer has revisited us.  Tomorrow it is back to fall and some much needed rain for the upcoming week.  It is hard to imagine that we need the rain when in April we were completely surrounded with flooding for the first time in decades.  No one remembers a flood like that happening in our area.  It was quite a shock and surprise.

Some birthdays have been celebrated here.  My husband and my mom's birthday are just a couple of days apart. My parents went away for my mom's birthday.  They have a favorite get away spot that they retreat to whenever they can.  We enjoyed some good food and company for dh's birthday.  Fun times!!