Friday, May 4, 2012

Cross One off the List

I have finally done it.  Finished a project!  YEAH!! There has been a creative dry spell here.  Most of our time has been occupied with accomplishing our home school goals for this year.  We are close to completing  everything on our list and I am feeling much better.  The past six weeks have been intense but good.  We both have such a sense of accomplishment.  
Organizing has been on the top of my list lately.  Things have gotten a bit out of control.  
I needed somewhere to corral all my unfinished crochet projects.  I always have more than one project going on at a time.
I posted about this project here.
I had this apple basket in my basement for a while (a couple of years, I think).
It definitely needed a new look.
I think everything looks better in a coat of white paint.  
I then stenciled YARN onto the front.
I don't have a vinyl cutting machine so I printed them, cut them, and traced them onto the basket.
I originally wanted to purchase wooden letters but I think our little puppy would have too much fun chewing them.  So I decided to paint them on.
After I traced them in pencil, I used this paint pen to fill them in.
Here it is freshly painted.

I then sanded the letters to distress them a bit.
Here it is filled and ready to go.  It will be great to have all my projects in one place ready to work on.

It feels great to have one project crossed off the list.  My next big project is our garden.  It definitely needs to be cleaned up and prepared for planting.  The weather here in April was quite warm and sunny but May has brought many days of rain and cool weather.  I'm hoping for some sun so I can prepare the garden for planting.  The planning has begun and I can't wait to plant.

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