Friday, April 13, 2012

Gone to the Dogs

All of my days have gone to the dogs.  Of course, they are the cutest pups in the whole world and a ton of fun but my days are running together without any time for creating.  I am in need of some creative time.  Working on projects is my therapy.  Right now, I am in purge mode.  I have been going through the things that have accumulated in our storage space in the basement.  Looking forward to a yard sale with my neighbors.  I always feel like I can create better when I have purged.  Working in a clean and neat space is always more fun.  So I continue to clean out in little spurts while the pups are outside.

Homeschooling has gotten a little behind since we got the new puppy and our husky became ill.  The husky is doing so well.  We had a vet appointment this week and they were happy with her progress.  She is almost healed.  Her fur still needs to grow in from surgery and she still looks out of sorts because of it but is  feeling much more like herself.

I haven't done much creating but have spent some time getting inspiration from Pinterest.  There are so many amazing ideas on Pinterest and when I have a few spare moments I always take a peek.

On my to do list:

Gallery wall for our stairway:  I have started it and have a few prints and frames to finish.  I can't wait to reaveal it.

Baskets for organization:

Burlap baskets

Completed projects:

Ipad case for my daughter~I crocheted it using a chunky yarn

Tailoring some pants~I am short and needed to hem some pants, I also have some pants that flare and I am slowly sewing them to straight leg pants~One pair completed today

This is what has kept me busy these days.  Fun and a lot of work.

Hoping to post some pictures of completed projects soon.

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Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

I feel exactly the same way, I create so much better in a clean, organized space. Purging can be VERY fun. Enjoy the yard sale...and creating the gallery wall.

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