Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Hiatus, a Plethora of Crochet, and an Amazing Class

I have been on a blogging hiatus simply because life has been demanding and required all of my attention and energy.  At these times I want so much to blog, to share what's on my heart, and to connect with all the fabulous people in blog land but life throws a monkey wrench in my plans.  

These months have not been quiet and serene but have challenged me and caused me to grow.  They have been a learning experience and I wait on my Heavenly Father to make a way where there seems to be no way.  With Him nothing is impossible so I lean on his everlasting love and comfort.

I have missed sharing all my latest projects with you.  Crocheting is my go to favorite to relax me and get my mind focused on something productive.  Below is a sampling of my latest projects.  I hope to share more about them very soon.

What I really want to share with you today is this most amazing e-course that will be held in October hosted by Jeanne Oliver as part of her Creatively Made Home series called, Home for the Holidays.  You can find out all of the details to this fabulous class at Life In Grace blog.  Edie will be one of the many fabulous ladies sharing their insight and decor wisdom with us, but most importantly their stories and hearts for hospitality.  I hope you hop on over and sign up for this incredible e-course.  I am looking forward to it already. 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Better Than New

For Mother's Day my mom wanted a new bureau for her bedroom.  But by new she meant an old bureau, so off we went in search of a previously loved bureau that would fit her space.  We found the perfect piece at the third shop we visited.
This bureau was in fairly good condition.  The drawers were in good shape and it was sturdy.  It was the perfect size for her space.
 photo DSC00746_zps5862de95.jpg
This before is missing some drawers and all the hardware.  I had already begun work on it before I remembered to take a good before picture.  I had a time limit, since this was sitting in her dining room while I worked on it and she would have a house full of company for Mother's Day.
I took off all the hardware and gave the piece a good cleaning with TSP.  Then I used a sander deglosser liquid before I began painting.  The only part of the bureau that I needed to sand was the top.  I planned to stain that instead of painting it.
 photo DSC00745_zps8450b40a.jpg

The bureau had some great accents and molding.
 photo DSC00747_zps8d57273e.jpg
It was just in need of some TLC.
 photo DSC00748_zps5ca1f2e3.jpg
Here is the after:
 photo DSC00749_zps5631e942.jpg
I used Valspar paint in off white to paint the bureau and Minwax stain for the top.  
 photo DSC00750_zpsdd2d2f4e.jpg
I gave the hardware a good cleaning and spray painted them with Krylon in black.
 photo DSC00751_zps0149ec2e.jpg
I used Minwax clear furniture wax to seal the whole piece.
 photo DSC00752_zps8553e2a0.jpg
My mom was very happy with the final product and I was too.
 photo DSC00753_zps7fc7028b.jpg
It looks better than new.
 photo DSC00754_zps7c03f414.jpg

It is now sitting in her bedroom and she is so happy with it.  I was glad to find the perfect piece and have it completed in time for her on Mother's Day.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sweet Friend's Baby

This blog has been completely neglected this past month.  Life has a way of taking over and I planned and planned on blogging but could not find the time.  Although I haven't been here I do still try to read many of my favorite blogs.  I have also kept busy crocheting.  It is my favorite way to pass time.  Whenever I have down time or have to wait for anything I take my crochet along.  This project was mostly completed late at night to relax or during my son's basketball games.
My garden plans are underway and I have seeds started indoors.  It is only getting warm enough to plant outdoors now.  Everything is in bloom and I am blessed to look out the window and see our peach tree in full bloom, and the two trees in the front in full bloom.  I am refinishing and painting a bureau for my mom and as I looked out the window I  was thinking that I really needed to take some pictures of those beautiful blooms.  This afternoon a horrible wind came through and nearly took all of the blooms off the trees.  Next time, I will get my camera as soon as the thought comes to me.
A sweet friend of mine is expecting her first baby girl.  That made me immediately run through my baby crochet patterns.  Crocheting for babies is my favorite.  Baby things are so sweet and you fill them with love and hope for this precious new blessing.
I found this sweet pattern of small cross over cables.  At first, I misread the pattern and all of my rows were slanting but after taking it apart twice I finally figures out my mistake.
 photo DSC00739_zpsbdd27132.jpg
It is a simple pattern but looks precious.  The scallop edge is very feminine and the perfect touch.
 photo DSC00741_zps5c26b386.jpg
I  have it ready to send to my friend.  I can remember the excitement of getting everything ready for baby.  My babies are now almost 20 and almost 16.  Where does the time go?
 photo DSC00742_zps66c284ba.jpg
I made the precious bonnet when I made the one for my niece.  I love thread crochet.  This is a vintage pattern and it was fun to give it a try.  Of course, there were mistakes along the way but that is all part of learning.
 photo DSC00744_zpsacca5cdf.jpg
A close up of the blanket with the scallop edge
 photo DSC00743_zps172bc678.jpg

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Garden Planning with Pinterest

The month of March was a blur.  It came and went without much fanfare here.  I did celebrate another birthday and this year will be filled with many changes.  I do not know what the future holds but I am embracing all the plans that God has for me.  It is only through Him that I can travel this road with its twists and turns, and blind curves.  I look forward to seeing His work in my life and in our family's life.

Spring has arrived, at least on the calendar it has. Are you all planning your gardens.  Time for the green thumbs to come out and shine.  We have had below normal temps and very few sunny days.  Although I am longing for the warm sunshine of spring, I am believing that April showers will bring us many May flowers.  While I spend my days indoors waiting for the illusive warm sunshine of spring days, I have spent some time planning our garden.  I am very interested in Growing Food not Lawns.  This site contains a wealth of information that at times makes my head spin.  I am not completely averse to lawns but find that the space can be better used to grow food that is far healthier for you. Also the upkeep and maintenance of a lawn with all it's fertilizers and mowing seems quite wasteful and unhealthy.

Our greatest challenge here is space and our three dogs.  So I have spent some quality time perusing Pinterest for ideas.
This is one of my favorites.  It is functional and pleasing to the eye.

Vertical gardening saves so much space and you can grow a wide variety of veggies this way, even tomatoes.  Who knew?  Okay, many of you probably knew but this girl had missed out on this.  Can't wait to try this.

Containers are also a fabulous way to grow things.  It will keep the dogs from trampling all over the plants and allow us to grow things in places where we wouldn't normally think of growing things.

This is definitely on the must try list.  As the summer gets hotter, our lettuces always suffer but not they can be protected from the hot summer sun by their cucumber or squash friends.  I would like to try this with beans, too.
Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

This is similar to the one above.  I would put it right over the soil with lettuces or spinach growing underneath.
. These raised beds are perfect for small spaces.

An amazing use of space

I have also found such wonderful tips for gardens on Pinterest.  This watering tip is so easy and a fantastic idea.  It also saves water.

Fabulous idea for containers.

You could spend a week on this site dreaming gardening dreams and planning to grow enough to feed an army.  Love all the tips shared here.

There are so many more ideas on Pinterest but this is where I am starting.  Can't wait to dig in the dirt and grow something good.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

For Sweet Emmaline

My sweet little niece Emmaline will be having her church dedication very soon.  She will be wearing my sister's gown but I wanted to make some special things just for little Emmaline.
I found a sweet bonnet pattern and made it for her special day.  This is actually the second one I made because she had a growth spurt and the first one was too small.
I crocheted this with size 10 cotton thread
I would prefer to have pictures with the sweet baby girl but she decided she needed her beauty sleep.
Hopefully, later I will be able to take some sweet pictures.  She is such a sweet, happy, and pleasant baby.
The detailing on the edge of the bonnet is so precious.
Here is the full bonnet
This is the first one I made.  The patterns are very similar but the front of the bonnet does not have the same detailing.
This little bonnet will go to a dear friend who is soon to have a baby girl of her own.

Side close up of pattern
Top band 
shaped back
Hoping this bonnet will be perfect my friend's sweet angel.
For sweet Emmaline, I made these little shoes for her special day.
I used a Mary Jane pattern I had and modified it to fit what I needed.
To dress up the toe of the shoe I added satin ribbon and a jewelry embellishment.

I sewed through the side holes that originally are used for a bracelet or necklace.
They fit perfectly and look so incredibly beautiful on these sweet baby shoes.
Can not wait to have these sweet shoes on her sweet little baby feet.

Sweet Emmaline has woken up but is not feeling her best today.  We attempted this little photo shoot anyway.  She is too sweet.
She's saying, "I love you Auntie, but I don't feel like smiling for the camera."
Sweet little angel foot.

Serious look with her bonnet.  She is not used to wearing it and did not really want us to tie it on and fix it all pretty.
Here she is almost cracking a smile but anytime we tried to adjust the bonnet, she did not appreciate it.

There are still a few weeks so the bonnet will fit better than.  She will fill it in better then.  I love her sweet cheeks.  At 10 weeks she is all smiles and so alert.  A sweet little princess who brightens my days.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recycled Storage

My dear neighbors gave me these boxes because they thought I could use them for storage.  I decided they would be perfect for stamps and ink pad storage.
The little blur on the top left corner is this little guy.  My sidekick and helper extraordinaire. Isn't he cute.
Back to work~the boxes needed a little dressing up before I could put them to good use.
I decided to start with a coat of white paint just to cover up the dark colors.
I found a scrap paper at Joanns that had quotes and I knew it would be perfect to cover 
the boxes.
I got to work with a little Mod Podge 
and soon enough they were looking much better

I distressed the edges with an ink pad and a little sanding
No need to be perfect 
just perfectly imperfect
A little ink along each edge went a long way
I used this handy tool to add
label pulls to the box.
 Here are two of the boxes completed and put to use.
 I found the inspiration for these from Country Living February issue where Thea Beasley covered boxes in French paper and maps.  I did not have French newspapers but I thought this paper would work quite well for the look.
I'm happy with how my little knock off turned out.

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