Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sweet Friend's Baby

This blog has been completely neglected this past month.  Life has a way of taking over and I planned and planned on blogging but could not find the time.  Although I haven't been here I do still try to read many of my favorite blogs.  I have also kept busy crocheting.  It is my favorite way to pass time.  Whenever I have down time or have to wait for anything I take my crochet along.  This project was mostly completed late at night to relax or during my son's basketball games.
My garden plans are underway and I have seeds started indoors.  It is only getting warm enough to plant outdoors now.  Everything is in bloom and I am blessed to look out the window and see our peach tree in full bloom, and the two trees in the front in full bloom.  I am refinishing and painting a bureau for my mom and as I looked out the window I  was thinking that I really needed to take some pictures of those beautiful blooms.  This afternoon a horrible wind came through and nearly took all of the blooms off the trees.  Next time, I will get my camera as soon as the thought comes to me.
A sweet friend of mine is expecting her first baby girl.  That made me immediately run through my baby crochet patterns.  Crocheting for babies is my favorite.  Baby things are so sweet and you fill them with love and hope for this precious new blessing.
I found this sweet pattern of small cross over cables.  At first, I misread the pattern and all of my rows were slanting but after taking it apart twice I finally figures out my mistake.
 photo DSC00739_zpsbdd27132.jpg
It is a simple pattern but looks precious.  The scallop edge is very feminine and the perfect touch.
 photo DSC00741_zps5c26b386.jpg
I  have it ready to send to my friend.  I can remember the excitement of getting everything ready for baby.  My babies are now almost 20 and almost 16.  Where does the time go?
 photo DSC00742_zps66c284ba.jpg
I made the precious bonnet when I made the one for my niece.  I love thread crochet.  This is a vintage pattern and it was fun to give it a try.  Of course, there were mistakes along the way but that is all part of learning.
 photo DSC00744_zpsacca5cdf.jpg
A close up of the blanket with the scallop edge
 photo DSC00743_zps172bc678.jpg

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