Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It Goes On and On

The kids have a school break this week. The local public schools are out and I decided that we have enough days and can take a break, too. Of course there was a motive to why I decided they could have a week off. I have a to do list a mile long, and I'm not exaggerating.

I participated in the napkin swap at Stitching Under Oaks. My partner, Chris, sent me the cutest napkins, in red, because I love it!! I love the adorable napkin holders from Pier 1 that she included. She also sent me the cutest teapot notebook. I made some cute napkins for Chris with some strawberry fabric that I fell in love with. With the hurry to get them in the mail I, of course, forgot to take some pictures.
Here's the package I received

On the to do list this week is this:
Our dining room before:
Here it is now:

We purchased this table and I have been waiting to find the time to paint it. It is finally completed!
I love how substantial the legs on the table are. We also have eight chairs to paint.

I'm not looking forward to painting them but I can't wait to have them finished.

I used this wonderful paint. Love it! It's self priming and self sealing.

Here are the chairs. Now I need help~What is the easiest way to paint chairs! I do not want to spray them so any tips will be appreciated.

This is completed much to late but better late than never. I love this scarf. It is ribbed and I crocheted it super long to wrap around a couple of times. I used Lion Brand Organic Cotton yarn. I am in love with that yarn. It is so soft!!

Here is a close up with the flower I crocheted. I need to find a small brooch to add to the middle of the rose.

I am super pleased with how it turned out. I look forward to using but do not want to wish that kind of weather on us too soon. I am looking forward to enjoying the summer, sun, picnics, barbecues and walks on the beach.
The week is half way over and the list is still a mile long.

Eight chairs to paint
A hutch to sand and paint
Some Mother's Day sewing to be done
Bathroom fixture to spray paint
Kitchen hardware to spray paint
Small cabinet in dining room to paint
Add this to the daily to do's with homeschooling and life. I know you can all relate. I know that as much as I would love to finish all of this in the next few days I will not be able to. My brother will be helping me redo our bedroom. There will be more on that as work begins. We will work on this on project every Thursday, his day off. I am excited but not looking forward to the disarray while the work is done.

I don't think the to do list will ever be complete. For each project I cross off I add two or three. Such is life at home.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sound of Spring

Every morning my husband or I will get up and go out early to let out all the doggies.  For over a week, I could hear the tapping of a woodpecker in the trees nearby.  We are surrounded by trees and finally, I spotted him on a branch.  I ran in right away and grabbed the camera.  It was all ready I zoomed in on him sitting there with his head bobbing away while he searched for breakfast.  He flew away before I could take the picture.  

For the rest of that day we could hear him but he didn't come and stay long enough for us to take his picture.  He was camera shy.  

Finally, one morning I went out with camera in hand and was able to catch one shot.  The one and only that he let us get.  Hubby, my son and I tried again a few times but it was effortless.  He allowed us this one picture.  
I could hear him busy at work for a few mornings after that.  Then he was gone.  I have not heard him since.  I miss his tap, tap, tapping and watching his little head bobbing back and forth.  I miss chasing him down the street, camera in hand to get just one more shot.  Alas, I must be happy with the one we captured before he moved on.

I'm joining with Patty at
Finding Serendipity for The Way I See It blog- hop.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Taking It All In

While on vacation we love to visit a small animal rescue sanctuary nearby. We love the variety of animals there. There are a large number of large reptiles rescued and brought to them and they take in as many as they have room for. Although they are interesting to look at quickly, we are not big fans of these giant snakes, alligators, etc. Our favorites are the goats, deer and lemurs. We enjoy buying treats and feeding them. It is always fun and interesting. Bring out the food and you can quickly tell each ones personality. There is always one in the group that's in charge and one who seems to miss out on most of the treats. There is the greedy one, pushing the other's away and the sweet one who will always win your heart.

These adorable lemurs were inside and huddled up together, literally one on top of the other. We observed them for some time to try and understand why. Most of the lemurs were outside and very playful, these were not. Observing them paid off when they moved a bit and we noticed they had little baby lemurs they were protecting and keeping warm. I was so happy to have my camera ready. If you click on the picture it will enlarge so you can see them better. They were so tiny.

This little monkey is quite old and has been at this rescue for quite a long time. He is a funny fellow who likes to try and scare his admirers. He will pick up a toy and leap at the plexiglass, slamming the toy and making you jump. You can't help but laugh at his antics and he loves to see your startled looks.

This is his quieter but very cute roommate. He likes to sit by his tube where you can pour in some treats. Forget the crazy antics, the way to his heart is through his stomach.

Frisky lemurs playing outside. They were very entertaining. If you were not paying attention they would begin calling to you. They love fresh fruit and we were able to toss them some to enjoy. The kids just love the lemurs. They named them Julian and Maurice from Madagascar-one of our favorites.

I wanted to share this picture of my son. He has some antics of his own. He loves to take pictures and is always reaching for the camera. He sets up scenes in his room and then takes pictures from all angles. He is so sweet and very artistic. When he's not snapping pictures he's drawing. I am hoping to dedicate a post to some of his art work soon. He took this picture of himself-pretend sleeping-just to see what it looks like. He enjoys taking self portraits and I get a kick out of how well they come out. Isn't he cute?!

With our new doggies here we are all spending a bulk of our time outside enjoying them. I was out the other night and was lucky enough to catch this gorgeous sunset. I love to watch the sunset and sunrise. Watching the stars and looking for constellations, trying to name them is such a sweet time to spend together with our kids. Even at 16 and 12 they still enjoy it. I treasure all these moments before they are gone.

Last weekend my brother surprised us when he brought over this beauty. For Transformers fans out there, this is Bumblebee. This car actually has the Transformers logo everywhere, inside and out. It is filled with a vast variety of functions that would take quite some time to learn. I was lucky enough to drive this fab car. It is a standard and I love Camaros and standard shift cars. I had a blast. Of course he went with me to make sure I kept that car in shape.

Here are the doggies resting in their favorite spot, in front of the greenhouse. They were groomed last week and they needed it. Their winter fur was falling out in tufts and it is recommended that you bath them so it will fall out faster. It is a good thing we did, temps reached 92 last Tuesday and 85 on Wednesday. Not seasonal at all for New England.

Sklar shortly after being groomed. She was tired.

Petie after grooming. Look at those tired eyes. He likes to sit on the steps and wait for my husband to come outside. He absolutely adores my husband and follows him wherever he goes. I remember when Petie was a puppy-only weeks old and we all wanted to hold him. Now he tops off at 118 lbs. but he's a big lovable teddy bear.
Whew! If you made it all the way through thank you for bearing with me. I have so much to share but not much time to post. It's been fun sharing our recent adventures with all my dear blog friends.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

The days are running together here.  It is April and I still don't know how that happened.

Writing out the date today I wrote March and found it hard to accept that April is here.

Musing about the passing rain showers we are expected to receive later this week.  A little 

concerned for so many who are still cleaning up from the flood.

Wondering what luscious project I can complete with this divine yarn.  I purchased on 

clearance and need to choose my project carefully.  I don't want to run out of yarn before

the project is completed.

These two cuties have been keeping us busy.  They have had so many adjustments in such  

a short time.  They lost their owner, were cared for by my sister in law for three months and

 have know moved 

here.  We are trying to make them content here with us.  

Last week my brother and I spent a day working on electricity for their home.  They now

have light.  They like the light to stay on at night.

My dear husband took them to get groomed and they look spectacular.  New pictures will be

coming soon.

Computer time has been very limited.  The to do list is forever growing.

Accomplishing the long list of things keeps me away.

Our dear daughter has a car now.  Scary and exciting all at once.  We were blessed to 

find a great Chevy Blazer for a good price.  It has excellent features and the price was right.  

She loves it.  She is out right now having a driving lesson with her dad.

The years have passed in a flash. How this came to pass in the blink of an eye is

unfathomable.  Just yesterday she was in my arms.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Severe Flooding

Our area has been affected by severe flooding.  It is the worst flooding ever recorded in one hundred years of record keeping.  There has national news coverage of our area and the devastation.  It is surreal to watch some of the coverage.  We have been so blessed and our home has not been affected.  During the worst of the storm we did have some rain seeping in and puddling in the basement, but that seems so insignificant compared to the damage around us.  You can watch a clip
here.  That is about one mile from our home.  It is not only the mall that is effected but the entire area.  Many homes have more than six feet of water in them.  The water levels have completely filled the basements and reached the first floor of many homes.  Our local water treatment facility is completely flooded.  We are under a water ban for now.  This has not effected us as much because we have a septic system.  Both of my brothers have little children and they are connected to the facility.  Everyone is being asked to conserve water use, no showers, laundry, dishwashers, and flush only when necessary.

While we feel so blessed to have escaped the worst of this flooding our hearts are breaking for all those around us suffering.  The mall that was flooded employed hundreds of people.  Our economy is in trouble and this will only increase the strain on finances.  We have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and I can't help but think of the many others who may lose their jobs.  So many lives affected and changed forever.  Families with no where to go.  Complete loss of all they own.  I can not begin to express how my heart is breaking for each one.

It is a constant reminder to lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven where moth or rust (or flood) cannot destroy.  Our value should not be placed on the temporary things of this world but on the eternal things.

Our God is good and I know He has a plan.  He allows things to happen for a reason.  We will see His mighty hand work in this situation.  He will provide through His people.