Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It has been too long since I have posted.  Through this time I have been mostly absent from blog land.  I have been seeking the Lord and His will for our lives.  Life is unpredictable.  God may take you through places you never would have imagined.  Some difficult places, filled with unknowns, places that will make you rely completely on Him.  It is His desire, after all, that we live in His will because it is what's best for us.

Thankfully, by His mercy, God has restored our home to us.  I count it all joy to see the work the hand of God has done and continues doing in our lives.  I trust in Him as we face the future and hope in Him alone.

Dear Hubby is starting a new job.  Still with the same company but in a completely different role.  It's a season of newness here.

Our daughter has started her second year of college, first year of the nursing program.  She is working toward her goal and we cheer her on.

Our son is in his second year of high school.  We are still homeschooling and hitting the books hard.  He is definitely a right brain, artistic learner and we are working on incorporating that for better learning.  He looks forward to art school and I am looking to see what is necessary for acceptance into this type of program. Signing up for PSAT's and driver's education.


I am currently reading the Odyssey and participating in the Classical reading book club hosted by the fabulous Edie at Life in Grace.  Still crocheting and creating, in desperate need of finishing some projects and starting to revisit my blogging friends who have been sorely neglected during this absent period.

The summer came and went in a flash and I still find it hard to believe we are halfway through September.

Looking forward to reconnecting with blog land and sharing the work God is doing in our hearts and home.

God bless you!!