Thursday, March 21, 2013

For Sweet Emmaline

My sweet little niece Emmaline will be having her church dedication very soon.  She will be wearing my sister's gown but I wanted to make some special things just for little Emmaline.
I found a sweet bonnet pattern and made it for her special day.  This is actually the second one I made because she had a growth spurt and the first one was too small.
I crocheted this with size 10 cotton thread
I would prefer to have pictures with the sweet baby girl but she decided she needed her beauty sleep.
Hopefully, later I will be able to take some sweet pictures.  She is such a sweet, happy, and pleasant baby.
The detailing on the edge of the bonnet is so precious.
Here is the full bonnet
This is the first one I made.  The patterns are very similar but the front of the bonnet does not have the same detailing.
This little bonnet will go to a dear friend who is soon to have a baby girl of her own.

Side close up of pattern
Top band 
shaped back
Hoping this bonnet will be perfect my friend's sweet angel.
For sweet Emmaline, I made these little shoes for her special day.
I used a Mary Jane pattern I had and modified it to fit what I needed.
To dress up the toe of the shoe I added satin ribbon and a jewelry embellishment.

I sewed through the side holes that originally are used for a bracelet or necklace.
They fit perfectly and look so incredibly beautiful on these sweet baby shoes.
Can not wait to have these sweet shoes on her sweet little baby feet.

Sweet Emmaline has woken up but is not feeling her best today.  We attempted this little photo shoot anyway.  She is too sweet.
She's saying, "I love you Auntie, but I don't feel like smiling for the camera."
Sweet little angel foot.

Serious look with her bonnet.  She is not used to wearing it and did not really want us to tie it on and fix it all pretty.
Here she is almost cracking a smile but anytime we tried to adjust the bonnet, she did not appreciate it.

There are still a few weeks so the bonnet will fit better than.  She will fill it in better then.  I love her sweet cheeks.  At 10 weeks she is all smiles and so alert.  A sweet little princess who brightens my days.

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Elise Engh said...

Those are beautiful! Nice work!

Jaime Lyn said...

Oh my goodness Ruth! You are SO talented! Those little tiny feet and sweet little shoes!!!! I love them!!!

Karen said...

What a precious baby girl, love the bonnet and those sweet little shoes, oh my! I'm a sucker for baby things. I just love those tiny clothes. You are a talented crocheter. Thanks for visiting me!

Marie at the Lazy W said...

Beautiful, in every way. xoxo

Beca said...

Aw what a sweet little baby. I love the bonnet and those shoes are adorable! I crochet too but I've never tried using thread. I may have to give it a shot. Precious!

Anonymous said...

Adorable baby! I love the booties and the button on the booties. So cute!

Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday

Creative Design said...

Really sweet! Visiting from Get Your Craft On link party!


mommyroo said...

I really love handmade baby things...when my son was born, my next door neighbor made him some of the most beautiful baby things...I have it all saved in my hopechest, so hopefully someday they will be passed down to his children...

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