Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Gibberish

On my nightstand:

I am loving this book and I've just started.  It draws you in from the very first page. It is not a book you can read quickly.  You will be compelled to reread words, sentences and paragraphs over and over again, so they may penetrate and sink into your soul.  I can not say enough about this amazing book.  Ann's writing is riveting.  

Following Ann's book I have this on my list.  It is a recommendation from one of Ann's posts. 
 This has been on my to read list for some time.  I am hoping to fit it in this summer.
 I have been reading this off and on~trying to finish is before the new school year.  There are so many amazing ideas in this book.  Love it.
 This one is for my daughter~she would like me to sew her some skirts. She has a hard time finding skirts that are not too short or too long.  So she is enlisting my help.  She has more confidence in my sewing ability than I do.
 I am not a big fan of fleece but this book may change my mind.  It has some great patterns and ideas.  I requested it from our library but I'm not sure if I will give fleece a try.  
I made this for my hubby for Father's Day.  He loves Snickers.  I first saw it on Pinterest.  I do not have an account but it doesn't keep me from visiting.  I haven't jumped into the Pinterest pool because I do not have a Twitter or Facebook account.  I know~you all think I'm living under a rock but I have my reasons.  One of them is that I do not want to be sucked into the internet and not live.  I could definitely see that happening with me.  So for now I just peek in.

 I want to share a little more of my son's art work.  He works on his drawings everyday and he has new projects all the time.  He designates different sketch books for different interests.  

This is a picture he drew of a Sonic video game character.
Pencil first then outlined with marker.

 A scene from the Smallville tv show.
 Some layouts for one of his Sonic comic books.  He has written and illustrated quite a few of his own.  We have sent one in to Archie comics.  He doesn't like to send his original copies away so now I must email them to the company.

 Recently, he has started drawing portraits.  I am completely amazed by the talent he has.  He has had some formal art lessons but not in depth.  He is self taught.  He is also legally blind in his right eye.  It is so astounding that he can do such a impressive job.  This portrait is a singer from the band Metric, which he loves.  He drew it while watching a video of them singing.
Thank you for letting me brag. I am a proud mama of two amazing kids, who are both bigger than me. Although they've grown they'll always be my babies in my heart.


Amanda in RI said...

Brandon has amazing talent. Thank you so much for sharing his art work!

You've been on my mind often lately--I'm so sorry I haven't called. Maybe you and I can go out for coffee now that summer is here. I miss you!

Have a great day!

sara's art house said...

Oooh! Lots of great book ideas. I am always on the lookout for new books!

And good for you for not doing facebook/twitter! I hate facebook....

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Wow! I am amazed at your son's talent! So were my boys! He definitely has a gift.
When you said he was legally blind in one eye, it reminded me of my son's singing talent even though he has hearing loss in both ears.
Isn't God good?!
Tell him I said his work is amazing!!

Holly said...

".... One of them is that I do not want to be sucked into the internet and not live. I could definitely see that happening with me. "

Best line ever. I have been sucked in and am escaping...I have to balance.

I have not read a book in forever (cannot believe I admitted that!).

Those sewing books look amazing!

Your son is quite the artist!

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