Friday, June 24, 2011

I Finally Did It

I have seen gorgeous burlap bulletin boards all over blog land.  It has been on my to do list for a long time.  I found this frame at a thrift store a couple of months back and picked it up.
 I removed the backing and the lovely rooster pic. Gave the frame a dry brushing with white paint (forgot to take a pic).  I did not have cork board so I decided to use batting.  I have one I purchased years ago that is batting.
I I pulled the batting tight over the cardboard and hot glued it on.
 The front
 I laid down some burlap and repeated the process.
 Front side with burlap~I really should iron it but have I mentioned I hate ironing.

 It looked very plain when I put it in the frame so I decided to add some loveliness.  I used a fleur de lis stencil~I do not own a Cricut or Silhouette machine.  I then traced it using a paint pen.
 Not bad for the old fashioned way.
 BTW~Got this stencil for super cheap at Joann's today~only 97 cents.  I love clearance.
 Filled it in with the paint pen.  Love it.
 This is my little desk section in the kitchen.  I have wanted to add something to this area since we finished the kitchen.
I love how it turned out.  It covers the phone jack. There are some Real Simple accessories that I want to pick up at Target to complete this area but this is a great start.  It makes me very happy.

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Heidi said...

That looks very neat, Ruth!

Susan said...

Sweet! Filing away for future reference.;0)

Karen said...

Very cute! I love crafting with burlap!! So fun:) I am a new follower!

jeff campbell said...

Great job, I have some grain sacks that I might try the same thing with, any tips? It seems like any time I try to do something there are complications. i like the black and white theme.
I want to tell you about the best thing I have discovered in the Dollar General Store for less that 2.00 is this amazing stuff called wrinkle release AND IT WORKS! Just mist, rub, shake and wait a few minutes and you are WRINKLE FREE! I have given bottles to all my friends and my college-bound son would not be without it,

southernscraps said...

Simple and fabulous! The "old fashioned" way still works just as well.

Susan @ said...

Nice job! I've made some myself, they're easy and look beautiful!
Susan @

angie @ the cellar door stories said...

really simple & cute ~ great job!

thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my freezer meals ~ i really appreciate it!!

Larissa said...

Love your bold yet neutral color scheme! You have pulled the rooms in your home together so beautifully. I'm coming to the conclusion that any old wooden piece becomes beautiful when painted white.

Jori said...

That is adorable! I must try, thank you for sharing!! :)

Adrienne said...

You are so good about repurposing! Love how nice it turned out.

Love the new header!

Holly said...

I still have not made one of these...Your sis gorgeous. I love that stencil - the perfect finishing touch!

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