Friday, March 4, 2011

Doing Much Better

Thank you for all your well wishes and concern for our husky girl.  She is doing so much better.  We finally have the wound completely closed.  It was a long process.  Once we took her drains out it was a couple of weeks before the stitches could be removed.  For about a week and a half I was infusing the wound with 10 ml of peroxide and gentomycin ointment.  She was an excellent patient.  I have to say I was about nervous about infusing that much peroxide into her open wound.  I was not sure how she would react but she was fabulous.  Now she is back to her old self.  
 We love to see her running in the yard and playing with her toys again.  She is so happy.

This is the only thing left of the wound.  A little pink.  The vet had all the matted hair shaved off.  It made such a difference.  She still scratched a little and we keep an eye on it.

Now the only thing I don't understand is why this doggie who behaves so well when we are with her loses it when we go out.  We gate her in our front entryway.  This is where she usually sleeps at night so she's not jumping in bed with us.  She can see us from there and is very content but when we go out and we gate her there, she is tearing everything up.  We have hardwoods throughout the whole house and don't want them to be destroyed.  Not sure what to do about it.  I purchased commercial floor mats and put them down before we went out and she tore them up like paper.  There was black fluff everywhere when we arrived home.  Any suggestions?  She has had a lot of change recently, moving in with us, she was with her son in a big shed we had installed in the back yard(see here).  When he passed away(see here) she became a house dog.  We couldn't accommodate both huskies, Petie was 118 lbs, and our beagle in our very small 1100 sq. ft. house. So what are we to do?

Pictures of the completed hutch remodel coming soon!!

Happy Weekend!!!!!!!!!!


Artfulife said...

Poor thing, glad she's doing better though.

Adrienne said...

She probably is having anxiety when you are gone - what to do I have no idea ... maybe try playing the radio for her or even a tv that she could see ...

poor thing - I hope you are able to figure it out

House Revivals said...

So glad your pooch is healing well! We once had a dog with severe separation anxiety, too. The smartest dog we've ever owned, too, but he would tear the house apart when left alone. I couldn't take him with me, because he had terrible car sickness. We ended up having to crate him when he was home alone. We also left the television on for him, as the voices seemed to calm him.

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