Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Can't Stop Watching

I am not a big tv viewer.  There are very few shows that I truly enjoy.  Lately there have been a few I just can't resist.  I love American Pickers.  The places they go, the items they find and the stories they share are wonderful.  

My next favorite show is Rehab Addict.  I admire all the Nicole Curtis does.  She is one talented lady.  Of course, the Minnehaha house is the best. It almost makes me want to move to Minnesota so I could have it. But that is out of the question for many different reasons.  I am looking forward to her next project now that she has completed the Minnehaha house.

Last but not least is Family Under Construction.  Danielle Berk is another amazing woman.  If you have not seen this show you have to.  The transformation of their home is spectacular.  This house was destroyed when they purchased it.  It was actually a crack house but they are slowly making it their dream home.  Danielle's style is clean, light, airy.  I love their simple industrial kitchen and the amazing makeover the front of the house received.

These shows are always on the dvr list.  I just can't miss them.  Do you watch them?  Do you love them? What are your favorites?  


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I must be living in a hole....I've never heard of these shows! But, they sound so good. Thanks for the recommendation.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Ruth,

Believe it or not I never had a live feed for tv hooked up here in our new home....but I do have huge DVD collection of my favorite tv series. It's much more fun watching a whole season with no commercials.

So it's been almost two years since I've had live tv. I do miss the Martha Stewart show, hgtv, diy, lifetime and a few others. I keep saying that I may hook it up this year. :0)

I was trying to figure out how many years we've known one another. I joined the MJF in I think we've known one another lots longer than 3 years?? Good grief....time flies!

Hope you are warming up or have you seen more snow. We had bad storms carrying a cold front with it so now we are back to the more normal springtime temps for the next week.

Drop by when you have the time...
Stephanie ♥

patty said...

hello miss ruth!!
thank you so much for continuing to visit me even tho i've been so bad at reciprocating lately. i LOVE what you've done with your blog design... it's delightful!
and um., i love dexter but we have to wait for DVD b/c we don't get that station. we watch pickers too, occasionally! :)

Holly said...

American Pickers has me hooked - I watch the same episode over and over! what a great show. I have to check out the others!

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