Thursday, September 24, 2009

~Getting Ready for the Fair~

The crochet hook has been flying lately.  The Heritage Days Festival will be on Sunday and I have been working and working to fill my space.  Thought I would share some of the things that I have made.
This is my favorite scarf.  It is called Trail of blossoms.  Love it!!

I love the blues in this ribbon scarf.  Dd wouldn't change her shirt to take the picture.  Hard to find a good model. LOL

Same yarn but a little different.  It is thinner and the knotted ends give it a different appeal.

Market bag

Crocheted Purse

It is completely lined and has a couple of pockets.

Bamboo handle purse 

This bag is also lined with pockets made from a toile fabric.
So far, this is what is completely finished.  I will continue to work until the day is here.  I hope to get at least 6 market bags completed.  I am also working on some dishcloths.  I have another bag that I  hope to finish today but I'm not sure if it will be lined.  

I'm praying that there will be a good crowd of people and the rain will hold off.  This is an outdoors fair.  I do have a tent which will help.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love that market bag.

Shanty 2 Chic said...

I love all of them... Oh how I wish I could crochet... You have such a talent... Good luck selling EVERYTHING:)

stitching under oaks said...

You're going to do great at the festival! Everything is just adorable...they'll sell out in no time! that crocheted scarf with the flowers is just lovely.

Just be happy! said...

fabulous items, you did such a great job in all of them.
Best of luck at the fair!

cinnamongirl said...

Lovly job! I think the bags are so much nicer lined and cute scarfs.
Hoping you get sales and orders bring a book for taking orders I am certain you will get some.

CT said...

Woah! there's fire on your hooks! lovely things!!!!! best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Cute things! Really like the market bag!

gwengoods said...

You are on a roll, I am wondering what is your price for your market bag? All your items a wonderful!

Bonne said...

HOLY CRAP!! You've been so darn busy and teaching school to boot! Love all the scarves and the bags are fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what fabulos crochet, I love your bags! xxx

susieharris said...

Wow! You do great work there. I hope your show is wonderful and you sell out. Good luck my friend~

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