Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Furry New Baby

We had a very fun weekend!!  Saturday we went out for a wonderful breakfast to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday.  Then we visited the pet store.  I can't believe that it happened but a little puppy won my heart.  He is just so sweet and lovable.  Here he is sleeping in his crate with his toy.
He is a cairn terrier.  The same kind of dog as Toto on the Wizard of Oz.  We were trying to keep him out of the way and used a laundry basket but it wasn't working.  
He is so tiny.  Just over three pounds.
We had to get the little guy a sweater because he was shivering.
The transition has been tough.  He cries and barks in his crate at night.  Last night he was going crazy and not resting at all.  But look at this little face.  Isn't it precious???  Wouldn't his little face just win your heart??!!
So tiny but so full of energy.  We are working to crate train him and maybe he will settle down for the night.  Any and all tips are appreciated!!

Other than this little fellow the weekend was pretty quiet.  We watched the Patriots game on Saturday night and it was great.  
Sunday was a quiet day.  
Monday we took the holiday off from homeschooling.  Unfortunately, our son was sick, too.  Later in the evening our husky got sick.  So now we had to quarantine her so the other doggies don't get sick.
Today no school work as our son recuperates.  I feel like I'm coming down with something and haven't gotten much sleep the last couple of nights.  
Never a dull moment.
I'll keep you updated on the little guy's progress.


Amanda in RI said...

Very cute!!!

Karen said...

Congrats on your new little family member!! So adorable!!! Hope you are all feeling better soon, dogs included!

Brooke @ Spruce Your Nest said...

So cute!

Anne said...

Awwww! Where are you keeping the crate? If you keep it in your room, the pup will feel more comfortable because he can hear and see you. It might take a couple of nights before he settles down though... It took me 6 months to crate train one male shepherd pup that I had. Don't know why males are so hard to housebreak. All the females I've owned have been housebroken in 2 weeks!

Hang in there, it does get easier.


Jaime Lyn said...

I am in love with your new furry baby. In LOVE!!! :o) Awhhh!!!!!! I have puppy fever right now! I am in trouble!

Holly Lefevre said...

SO SWEET! I want one. He is adorable what a fabulous addition to the family!

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

oh this puppy is precious!!!!

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