Friday, November 4, 2011

Thrift Treasures

My daughter and I went to our local thrift store this week and it was our luckiest trip ever.  We were so thrilled with our finds.
My favorite find was this milk glass lamp.
 She was so neglected and dirty.  Full of cobwebs and dirt caked into all her lovely little features.  It needed some TLC.  With a good washing she looks like new and she works.  This now sits on my nightstand and I love this little treasure.  She was a real bargain at just $6.  
 Next I found this great little jacket.  I love the color.  Perfect for fall.
 It's from Talbots and I got it for almost nothing.  $8~can you believe it.  Looks like new.  These pictures do not do it justice.  It was cloudy and I was trying to wait for the sun to come out.  It didn't until I sat down to type this post.

 Cute little sweater.
 Cute top.
All of the above came out to a grand total of $26.  My daughter purchased a pair of UGG boots, in excellent condition for only $25.  She also found some Ralph Lauren sweatpants and a couple of tops.  
Usually we do not find great deals like these at this thrift store.  Their prices can be high and there aren't many things that catch my eye.  


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Holly Lefevre said...

I love thrifty finds - you seriously scored. I grab anything milk glass and oh that ruffled top - too cute!

Michelle said...

Great finds! I never find anything so cool, but seriously that lamp is fantastic!

Kathe said...

That lamp is beautiful! Nice find! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Hope to see you again soon.

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