Friday, August 26, 2011

Spacious Desk

I have been busy in my son's room for the last couple of weeks.  The ceiling is painted, no more bright blue.  The walls have a fresh coat of paint and all the trim, too.  Now on to the big projects.  For these I enlist the help of my  very gracious brother.

Our son is an artist and needs ample space when drawing.  I decided I would make a desk like the one I saw on Martha Stewart's website.  The base of the desk is two bookcases.  I decided to go with solid wood for these because I want it to be sturdy.  I purchased two unfinished pine bookcases, primed and painted them black.  Next we moved onto the desktop.  Martha suggests using a door but I couldn't find one the correct size.  I decided to go with finish grade plywood.
 My brother added some support and trim.
 We caulked and primed.
 It is 5 ft by 2 ft.
 Today I will paint the top black to match the bookcases.
 I love how it turned out.  Thanks to my brother we have a roomy and gorgeous desk. 
I have also used the Rustoleum Magnetic Primer in his room for him to add pictures to his walls.  There will be more on that soon.

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stitching under oaks said...

great job on the desk! I'm interested in hearing more about the magnetic primer. That sounds really practical.

Tricia @ SweeterThanSweets said...

Very cool--great idea!

Pine Tree Home said...

Such a great idea. I've always had my eye on door to desk projects. I like how you decided to use what works for your space.

AForestFrolic said...

Wowza, so crafty...even you and your fam can make furniture ;) ;) I like it!

Jamie :)

Stef said...

That desk turned out so great! The storage it provides is such an amazing addition to the space. Nice job!!

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