Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Days

I have been among the missing this week in blog land.  I wasn't feeling well, trying to fight off a migraine.  I am feeling much better now.  

The end of our homeschool year is approaching quickly.  We have been plugging away and little by little, we are reaching the end of our school books.  The kids always enjoy that. This is my daughter's last year of homeschooling.  She will be graduating in June and attending a local state college in the fall. She is hoping to become a registered nurse, specializing in surgery.  Next year it will be just my son and I. It will feel strange not to have her here with us.  

These are some of the things we are currently working on and there is more.  This is what I could gather up and they weren't using at the moment.
At the end of this month I will be attending our local homeschool convention.  It is a time a look forward to each year.  It gives me the encouragement to finish this school year strong and the inspiration to start planning what we will be accomplishing in the next school year.

 This is my current crochet project.  I found the yarn on clearance for $2 at AC Moore.  I couldn't resist.  It is bamboo and so soft. I am using it to make a light scarf, just perfect for spring here.  The temps are still in the 50's, rarely 60's and some 40's.  

 This is the pattern I am using.  It looks different with the bamboo yarn.  I would love to learn the process that is used to transform bamboo into yarn.

I am enjoying the days with sunshine. The warmth of the sun is invigorating.  It makes me want to get outside and work in our garden.  I am looking forward to a large harvest this year.  I missed the garden last year. 

Savoring the quiet, rainy days at home before the hustle of summer fun. 

Dreaming of plans for a deck or patio.

Perusing magazines and books for inspiration.

What are your spring plans and dreams?

I hope you are enjoying sunshine and warm spring days.

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Adrienne said...

One ready for college! I can't even think about that :-) good job mom!

Suzie said...


Congrats on your soon to be graduate.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me well on the was great...posting pics soon!


eof777 said...

Hope you feel better... You seem to have your hands full and that crochet work looks very interesting.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you via GFC.

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