Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Caution this post is filled with dreams and photos and make take a bit to load~sorry!

The home we are currently living in is small.  It has suited our needs and we have been able to accomplish many projects that have improved our home and made it more suited to our needs.  One of the big pet peeves is that we only have one bathroom.  For a family of four this can be a problem, at many different times through out the day.  Our home is located not far from an airport that is wishing to expand.  There have been talks over the last couple of years that our home may be taken by eminent domain for this expansion.  We have seen many homes in our area purchased and torn down already.  The most difficult part is that we may not know if our home is slated to be purchased. for another two or three years. We have had a difficult time deciding if we should continue with any further projects because of this uncertainty.  For now we have a couple of minor things we may do and wait to see what happens.  

During this waiting time, I've been dreaming.  Dreaming of what our ideal home would be like if money were not an issue.  Living one income and with the housing market in the dumps in our area I don't know if these dreams are attainable but I do know that dreaming is free and so I do.

One thing that I would love to have in my dream home is sliding barn doors.  I love them all.  

These photos are from Everyday Art.  

I love everything in this photo.  What's not to like?!  

 This is another favorite.  I love this pantry behind the old barn door and the chalkboard  wall.
 Love this space, the door and all the light.  This would be a perfect craft room/office and school room.
 Love the boldness of this red door.

One thing I would love in our dream home is a separate family room or great room and a formal living room.
Living room and kitchen photos are from Country Living
This is one of my favorite living rooms.
 Love the serene feeling of this living room.
 Love the colors used in this space.
 The vintage feeling of this space caught my eye.
On my dream home wish list is a master bedroom with on suite bathroom.
The bedroom photos are from Good Housekeeping
I love the stripes in this room.  I also love the bed.
 Another gorgeous room-love the windows and natural light and the view.
 Dream kitchens~our current kitchen is great since the remodel but it is small.  I would love to have an open kitchen with a large island, beautiful appliances, and a pantry.
Kitchen photos from Country Living.
 Love the open space and feeling of this kitchen.  The island and stove are gorgeous!!!
Another open gorgeous kitchen with a beautiful island.
 Love this pantry!!
That's enough dreaming for now.  I could spend weeks looking through all the gorgeous photos on the web.  There is so much inspiration.  For now we wait and see.

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patty said...

i love the ironstone in that photo of the pantry... i have a collection i started in 1989... love all your dream home images, miss ruth!

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