Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turn the Page Tuesday

Adrienne at Some of a Kind hosts Turn the Page Tuesday.  This month I am posting about some Homecrafting mysteries that I found by accident.  I saw the title, Lye in Wait, in a forum about soap making and I thought it would be a book on soap-making.  I quickly looked it up at the library and found the whole set.  I was quickly immersed in the story and the characters lives.   I have enjoyed reading through all three books in this series.  They are quick reads and I find that I relate to the main characters in the story.  These three titles are just the beginning of the series.  A new book is expected out in the spring of 2010 and I am looking forward to it.  

Lye in Wait is the first book in the series.  We are introduced to the lives of the main character Sophie Mae Reynolds, her best friend-whom she lives with, and the detective.  Sophie Mae finds her handyman, Walter, dead in her basement workroom.  She becomes entangled in the details of what is believed to be his suicide.  In the end it all works out and there are a few twists and turns along the way.

Heaven Preserve Us is the next book in the series.  Sophie Mae volunteers to answer a crisis hotline and immediately things begin to take a strange turn when she receives a strange phone call from someone who wants to do more than ask for help and the director of the center dies mysteriously.  Was it just an accident?  Will anyone investigate what really happened?  You will be surprised by the peculiar events surrounding this mystery.

The last book in the series thus far is Spin a Wicked Web.  Sophie Mae becomes a part of a crafters co-op.  The new love in her life is spinning.  Things are all well until Sophie Mae finds her fellow co-op member strangled to death with her very first skein of yarn.  Sophie Mae's presence at the scene of yet another dead body raises questions.  The co-op members seem to all have a secret, it takes a little unraveling of clues to find the murderer.  Sophie Mae is once again in the middle of this case.  The usual twists and turns are present in this mystery.  This was my favorite of the three books.  I enjoyed the many details included in each of the books, but especially the domestic details.  Spinning yarn, raising chickens, making soap, living more sustainably are all things that resonate with me.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy this great series.

There are more books out there that I would love to read and haven't had the chance.  I love to share the books I have read and enjoyed.  Looking through everyones' reading lists is so much fun.


Adrienne said...

What great finds! They seem very Angela Landsbury/Murder She Wrote - I loved that show! I'm definitly adding these to my growing list. Thanks for sharing!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Ruth -- I seriously have to read these books. I love mysteries. My mom's always on the prowl for new mystery authors as well. Have you ever read the British cleaning lady series? They are excellent. Thanks for participating.

Paula said...

When your post first came up, I thought these were how-to books, which I thought were fun and interesting just by their titles and covers, but then when I actually read your post and found out they are mystery's ~ wow! How fun! I'm excited to hop over to Amazon and try to find them. Great review. Looks like you've got all of us hooked!

Cricket McRae said...

Ruth, what a great blog! So many fun things here! Glad you enjoyed my mysteries. I have a great time writing them since I get to include a lot of the home crafty things I do on a regular basis. The one coming out next year is about cheese making, and now I'm working on one about home brewed mead, ginger beer, etc.

Glynnis said...


Glynnis said...


Glynnis said...

Hi Ruth! I am so glad to be able to find and use your blog! It is going to be so much fun! Glynnis

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