Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Little Sale

Five pack Snowflake Ornaments
~round ornaments~
$24 plus $7 s/h

Four Pack Snowflake Ornaments
~teardrop shape~
$24 plus $7 s/h

Please request the color ribbon you would like and the 5 pack of round ornaments or the 4 pack of teardrop ornaments.  Also would you prefer the ornaments tied with ribbon bows at the top or the ribbon confetti ties (pictured in the teardrop sample).


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Ruth,

What's the size of the teardrop ornaments?? I'm using these small Christmas trees and I didn't realize how tiny the ornaments needed to be to hang properly....I do love these teardrop shape though. :0) I hope I didn't overlook what size they are....duh!!!


Carol............. said...

Hi, Ruth...
You've been a busy girl. The ornaments are just lovely..

Looks like you got some good buys at the thrift shop. Sometimes I wonder if there's much difference between some Antique or Thrift shops I've visited. LOL

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