Monday, November 9, 2009

Make Some Art Monday

I have been wanting to participate with Chrissie Grace on Make Some Art Monday for a couple of weeks now.  Mondays can be so busy as we try to get back into the swing of things with homeschool, we usually have errands to run and some house organizing and laundry catch-up from the weekend.  

This week I kept reminding myself that I had to participate.  I checked in early and was almost ready to go and was called away.  I was caught up in the day but did finally manage to get back here now~ Better late than never.

These are a couple of collage pieces I was just playing around with.

Collage frame~now I need something to put in it.
Collage~some pictures that I liked and put together.
I have fun adding things and layering to see what I come up with.  These were some free time fun I had.  I need some time like that where I don't have to think about anything else~only the things I like and enjoy.  I'm sure you know what I mean.

I hope you have enjoyed.  Go over to Chrissie Grace's blog for more wonderful art.



Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Ruth!
I'm so glad you were able to participate this week! I'm glad you had some fun making your collages. They are both very pretty! I love the cameo in the bottom piece:)

Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner! said...

Beautiful! Good for you!! I love the collage! Keep up the great work!! I love your blog title and header! I too am a country girl at heeart!
Mama Holli

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