Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To Do List~

I love enjoying this time of year.  The weather here is turning quite cool.  The highs are in the 50's throughout the day and the nights are going down into the 30's.  The wood stove has been working to keep us warm and it's time for casseroles and baking.  

My to do list is getting quite long but I am looking forward to getting it all completed.

To Do:

Finish sewing my son's costume~completed
Do some small alterations on my daughter's costume
Finish crocheting my daughter's blanket for these cool nights
Bake some sourdough bread-we are all looking forward to this
Sew a curtain for the bathroom~completed
Sew new curtains for the kitchen
Clean kitchen floor
Reorganize our bedroom~completed
Decorate my pumpkin with the idea from One Pretty Thing
Sew treat bags for the kids to use on Halloween
Complete a leaf craft with the kids this week

Once each of these projects is complete I will post pictures here.  

This week has been much quieter.  Last week we had many appointments.  One wonderful appointment was my orthodontist.  I found out that my braces will finally be coming off in November.  I can't wait until then. It has been over 3 and 1/2 years and I am so ready.  

School is keeping us quite busy here and we have some great projects we're working on and I can't wait to share them all here as soon as it is they are complete.

What is on your to do list?


Just be happy! said...

sounds like a fun to do list though.
Enjoy the sewing, crocheting and baking!

stitching under oaks said...

wow! I'm sure you'll be happy when you get your braces off! That is exciting...and your list looks like you'll be plenty busy, in a good sort of way! Enjoy the days!

Sandy Toes said...

Too much...
let's see 7 soccer games this weekend...4 being out of state!

Sandy toe

p.s. so jealous of all of you who can sew.

gwengoods said...

So much to do, I had braces too, it was liberating to see them go! You should charge more for your market bags!

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