Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking Forward to Spring!!

The days have been so busy here.  My ds has started on art class on Tuesday.  He loves art.  He could spend his whole day drawing.  This class will be great for him but it has added another thing to our schedule.  We have art on Tuesdays, gym class on Wednesday and Thursday we are out all day for coop classes and Bible Bee classes.

As the spring arrives some of these classes will end.  I am thrilled because I really want to be home and get more things accomplished.  Next week will be our last gym class.  On April 9 we have our last coop class.  This will give us plenty of time to work on school work and be done by the middle of May.  I look forward to these days of slowing down and being home.

I have ordered all my seeds from Seed Savers.  They have all arrived and I can't wait to get busy.  Right now I am reading The New Seed Starters Handbook by Nancy Bubel.  

I am just drinking in all the wonderful information she shares in the book.  This is my first year growing anything from seed and these are heirloom seeds.  I don't want to lose any, although I am sure some will not make it.

Every part of me is anxious for spring to come after this very long, cold and snowy winter.  Waiting to fill our greenhouse with an abundance of plants that will grow in our garden.

What are your plans for spring?  


Artfulife said...

Thanks for popping by! We are going to start a garden this year too. The girls are super excited. I think it will be a wonderful way to learn so many lessons about life. We are also looking forward to planting some fruit trees & fruit bushes. It should be fun.

I think it's so wonderful your son is so excited about art. Thanks for encouraging him. So many kids have talent, but no support when it comes to the arts. Kuddo's to you and your hubby for being so supportive.

Hope you have a wonderful day.-Summer

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Thank you so much for stopping by - I truly enjoyed reading your post as well about your seed. Sounds like you have great plans - we are knee deep in transplanting in our greenhouse - there is always so much work to do this time of year - but I looooove it. I hope you enjoy all of those wonderful heirloom seed - I can jus' dream about a good garden tomotoe right now. I can hardly wait! Many blessings, Cathy

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