Monday, February 9, 2009

And the winner is....

Thank you to all who left a comment for my giveaway. This morning while we are doing school I wrote all the names on a piece of paper, scrambled them all up and put them in a bowl.

Here they all are just waiting for someone to pick one.

I had my son pick a name without even peaking.

See how busy he is working.

And the winner is:

Jess from Hectic Household!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, this picture had to go sideways on me. Don't forget to tilt your head to the right to read the winner. LOL

I will mail these out to you tomorrow morning, sweet Jess~

I hope you enjoy them.


Autumn said...

WOO!HOO! Jess!! You ARE a winner- and such a cute prize!!
So sweet of ya Ruth!!!

Lisa said...

Hi Ruth,
Thanks for the sweet note you left on my blog. I'm a little behind with posting my blog and hope to get some pics on there soon. I just added a playlist. I hope you enjoy it. I've put you down as blogland friend.
God bless,

Bonne said...

Jess!! It's fixed!!! I'm sure of it!! LOL


Congrats Jessica!

smoothiejuice said...

these are so cute, just adorable! i am soooooooooooo lucky. I think I will add it to my all year dining room decor!

日月神教-向左使 said...


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