Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Belated New Year!!!

Christmas came and went so quickly that I can hardly believe it. We had a very nice time. Dh was home for most of Christmas break. It was great to hang out, play games and watch movies. The time went quickly and I ended up with a pretty rotten cold. I am feeling much better now.

Right before Christmas our computer monitor died. One of the dear farmgirls I met at MaryJanes Farm has been so kind to send us one. We are just waiting for the power cord now. The nasty weather has held things up. The monitor I am using is incredibly old and not capable of keeping up with todays technology. But it is still plugging away. The only problem is that I think I will be blind soon. It is very difficult to read.

I have met some of the sweetest ladies over at MaryJanes Farm. So many kind hearts and thoughtful farmgirls. MaryJane herself is so sweet and it comes through in her videos on the site and in her books and magazines. I can just read and reread it all. It takes you back to a much simpler time and leaves you longing to bring that into your own life.

We are back into our school routine here and the kids were actually glad to be back. Things have gone smoothly.

I have been keeping busy, too. I have a mission to reorganize my work space this year and make it look like a wonderful studio. I have just let too many things accumulate and now realize that I need to get rid of those things that are not necessary for my creativity. No more holding on just in case.

I have made some little owl hats that most of the farmgirls have fallen in love with. Below is a picture of some of the ones that I have finished. These will be for sale and if you are interested leave me a comment with an email address and I will get right back to you. They older childrens/adult hats will be $20 plus shipping and the infant/toddler hats will be $16 plus shipping.
Once I started making these I fell in love. They are just too cute!!

I hope you are all on your way to a good new year. I know that times are tough but we need to hang in there and know that things will work out. We will stay strong and come out even stronger in the end.
Good wishes to all of you!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh my goodness, your owl hats are precious!! I read an issue of MaryJane's Farm and loved it. How did you get to meet the ladies? Lori

Farrah said...


I am also a MJ Farmgirl! I have loved it over there! Such a good group of ladies.

My darling was home for the holidays as well. That is so nice. Blessings

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Ruth, the owlie hats are grand! I know kids like them but think the adults get the bigger kick out of them, you think? LOL

Thanks for visiting my...come back soon..I'm working hard at opening my second blog. Maybe tomorrow...

Queen of Dreamsz

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

your owl hats are so adorable !!

Leah said...

Those are soooo soooo cute! My hubby is working on a little hat for Titus. I can't wait for him to finish! (Believe it or not, hubby is more talented in the creative area than I.)
I may be repeating myself but if you want to visit me at my personal blog it's at Just email me for the info to get in!

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