Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We're Back~Lots of Disney Fun to Share

We are back from Disney but not too happy to say it. We loved it!!!!!!!!! It was better than we could have ever expected it. There was so much to see and do and everyone had a great time. The weather was cool but nice. We didn't have to wait in line for long to go on the rides. It was just spectacular!!!!! The kids had such a wonderful time. My dh and I enjoyed it more than we thought we would. We were going for the kids but found that it was a thrill for all of us. We are already thinking of when we can go again!!!

The first park we visited was Animal Kingdom. The animals are just amazing and so are the rides. We were able to see some of the characters.

Timon was at the entrance of the park. He was the first Disney character we saw.

Rafiki with my son and his friend.

This is my son with his friend who lives in Florida. We have known their family for a long time. They moved to Florida about three years ago. My son was happy to have his friend along on our first day at Disney.

My dh loves gorillas. This is a cute picture.

One of the alligators was hungry!!!

A very pretty Pocahontas with my daughter and I.

Now it's my dh's turn to be a snack.

Gorillas are my dh's favorite animals. They were fun to watch and we took about 20 pictures.

We saw these hippos relaxing in the water while we were on the Kilimajaro ride. (I hope I spelled that correctly!)

This picture was take during the Expedition Everest ride. I am not one for roller coasters but thought I would give it a ride. I was hanging on for dear life and waiting and praying for the end. But I survived!!!!

The day ended with the Animal Kingdom parade. We were glad to be able to rest. We had much longer days ahead of us at the other parks.
I will try to post pictures of the other parks later this week.
It was an incredible time. I have friends who just love Disney and have always raved to us about how wonderful it is. You don't realize it until you actually go. I am now a die-hard Disney fan and I never thought I would be. As I was telling my family about the trip, they just couldn't understand why we loved it so much. That was how I thought until we went. Now I can't stop talking about it to anyone who will listen.
I think that if it were possible to go back I would want to go at Christmas time. I have seen many shows about the wonders of Disney during Christmas and would love to be there to experience it.
I'll be back tomorrow to share more pictures and fun moments.


ali said...

Hi Ruth,
My FAVORITE ride in all of Disney is Expedition Everest. I'm glad you survived it! LOL
That poncho you are making your daughter is just BEAUTIFUL!

TOSHeidi said...

Am I one of the "friends" you mentioned?! I wonder!
I loved looking at your pictures. Please keep us posted when you update with more. What fun! You make me more anxious for our trip in January!

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