Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Festival of Color

One of the perks for living in New England is the display of autumn color.  The air is crisp, no more humidity, sunny days with cool nights when you can snuggle in.  Unfortunately, this year we have had quite a rainy fall.  In addition to the busyness of life, we had not had an opportunity to venture out and enjoy fall's festival of color.  This weekend hubby and I decided we had to go.  With Hurricane Sandy barreling our way we knew there wouldn't be any leaves left when she was done with us.  So we headed out.
 It is not peak color but still beautiful.
 We traveled the route that dear hubby takes to work daily.
Already the skies were warning of the impending storm.  This was early afternoon on Saturday.  Sandy truly wants her presence known.
 A storm of this magnitude heading in our direction at this time of year is unusual.  It is a surprise we could do without.  
 Thankfully, we are not in the direct line of the storm.  My heart goes out to those who are in the direct line of this storm. Here we are praying for the best.  Settling in and waiting to see what she will bring to our area.  Remembering Tropical Storm Irene, which did not seem to have an enormous impact on the day it happened but we were left without power for eight days.  Praying God keeps everyone safe throughout this ordeal.

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