Thursday, September 15, 2011

What is this fridge saying?

Visiting the most fabulous Ms. Edie's blog this morning she challenged us to post some pictures of our refrigerators.  I loathe cleaning out the refrigerator.  I'm not sure why but it is definitely on the put off until you can't anymore list.  Well that day came when we lost power for seven days thanks to Hurricane Irene.  I had not choice but to go through everything and discard most of it and since they were empty I managed to give them a thorough cleaning.  We have two fridges~one is just not enough to store everything.  Maybe if it was one of the new side by side with freezer drawer but we don't have space for such a large unit.  One fridge is in the kitchen the other in the basement.  This makes for great cardio exercise because I am always forgetting something and having to run up and down the stairs repeatedly.

Welcome to fridge 1:
 We usually have quite a bit of leftovers which make for good lunches.  I love to have fruit cut up and ready to eat.  It's a nice, easy and healthy snack.  There are water bottles, half and half, organic chicken stock, and of course Starbucks coffee.  The orchard chicken salad is so yummy.  I saw the commercial for Subway and decided to make it myself.  So yummy!!!  The crispers are full of fruits and veggies.  We also have plenty of yogurts in many different varieties and flavors.  Peeking out behind the milk are two of my favorites Ed Hardy Sangria and a bottle of Coca Cola.

Welcome to fridge 2:
I know what you're thinking~That's a lot of beer but it is left over from our 4th of July cookout and we've given quite a few away.  There is butter, butter and more butter, more yogurts, bagels, puddings, applesauce, and eggs.  Along with some celery, english muffins, more milk (can never have enough).  Yes it is whole milk, we don't do lowfat milk.  It's just not the same.  There is also some kale hidden in here to make a Portuguese green soup which tastes much better than it's name.  My brother and I love this and I will have to share it with him when I make it tomorrow.  On the opposite are the Pepsis.  Now I am a total Coke girl but my brother is a Pepsi guy and he says he works for Pepsi.  So I always have to have some on hand in case I need is help with a project, which is all the time.

Well, there it is.  They should look better but I am not good at fridge organizing.  It's not my thing.  But they are clean~scrubbed from top to bottom just two weeks ago, thanks to Hurricane Irene.

Share what's in your fridge with us.


jennibell said...

These have been fun to read! If I was caught up on blogging I would do it too (I think it makes a GREAT time-capsule thing too. . .how tastes and varieties change) but don't think my family would appreciate my ability to stop everything to do that when I can't get my 8-yr-old's b'day post up -- ha! Anyway, fun to see who is "playing along"

Holly Lefevre said...

Oh the frig! Only one frig and it is always packed...everyone makes fun of me for having so much food...we have pretty much the same stuff as kiddo eats a lot...and I hate going to the I store it in the frig!

{edie} said...

the 'beer and butter' fridge is my favorite ms. ruth!
thanks for playing.
yours is just perfect :)

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