Saturday, July 25, 2009

Craft Hope

While visiting Adrienne's blog last week I learned of a great organization:  Craft Hope.  This organization sends hand made items to those in need all over the world.  In a previous project wonderful dolls were made by so many and sent to children in Nicaragua.  For this project they needed baby blankets, hankies and pillowcases.  I was so glad to have seen it in time and got right to work.

I purchased the pillowcases in great shape at the thrift.  While there I also found a Classic Winnie the Pooh twin sheet that I purchased and cut up to make the hankies.

Here are the pillowcases and hankies.
These are the little blankets I made for the project.  I had the Precious Moments fabric and I lined it with a soft, cotton flannel.

I can hardly wait for the next project and am thrilled to have found this great site.  I hope you will all have a chance to visit and see what is needed next and great pictures of those who they have already helped.


Artfulife said...

Sew awesome! What a fun and helpful thing to do. They look just adorable

Anonymous said...

Those are just delightful! xxx

Cyndi's Re-Creations said...

Great Project and waht a beautiful job you did. what a wonderful cause. thank you for the link, it was fun to look at what can happen when crafty ladies ban together! awesome!!!

Bonne said...

How cute! And what a neat project. ;)

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