Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back From Vacation

We came back last Friday from our vacation to Pennsylvania.  We had a great time and I wish we could move there.  I have always loved Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, the weather was not the best while we were there and it hasn't been good since we returned home.   It was raining on Friday when we came home and we haven't seen sun since then.  There is supposed to be a turn around in the weather tomorrow and I sure hope so because I am absolutely sun deprived.  My garden is not too happy either.  The temperatures have only been in the 60's and I'm afraid I will be losing my peppers and melons.  I hope they will survive.

I have to get busy now that we are back.  On my to do list is:

Finish Vintage Satchel for my daughter
Work on Cosy Crochet and Knit Swap
Finish Crochet Market Bags that I started
Start Potholders  for a Potholders Swap

Things have not been cooperating with time lately.  I had to work on Friday night when we returned.  I unpacked in a whirl wind, made a quick supper and went off to work.  Saturday was our dd's 16th birthday,  we did some celebrating and took her shopping at the mall.  That is what she wanted.  Sunday we had some company to visit our daughter and it was Father's day.  Not much has been accomplished since then, either.  Laundry was piled up but is now completely done.  My daughter and I had an orthodontist appt.  yesterday.   The bracket keeps breaking off and I had to go back today. Hopefully, it will now stay on and I will soon be done with this treatment.  My son had art class and I was meeting someone at Borders because I was able to sell some of our homeschool books that we no longer use.  The extra cash will be nice to have with the up keeping projects.  I also went to Kohl's because they were having a great sale.  I bought a fabulous summer dress and a great new top.  No time at home to crochet.  I would love a driver to take me places.  I could crochet while he/she drives.  Imagine how much I could get accomplished.

Life has taken over and the to do projects have been put by the wayside.  I hope to get to them soon.

I will catch up more and have some pictures to share later this week.