Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No one Visits When Your House Is Clean!!

Isn't this the truth?  Your home can be just cleaned, everything in it's place and no one comes to visit.  Let your regular day to day life, that resembles a hurricane, take over and be sure there will be a knock on the door.  

Monday morning I get a phone call.  It happens to be the gas company~they need to come back and test the work they did here on Saturday.  Ok~I thought I would have a few minutes to get things organized and moved before he came.  Nope~he's right outside the door.  He happened to be working in the neighborhood.   With no time to spare I had to let him in. We are working hard on finishing our school work for the year here.  Things were chaotic at best but it only got worse. There were all kinds of things jammed back where he had to work.  His way was completely blocked and he was none to happy about that.  There were the usual "thank you, mam" and "it's alright, mam" while I apologize profusely for this messy clutter, but his eyes told a different story.  I really believe he was thinking~Please get me out of here!!   Got that all out of the way and came upstairs. The dog decides she wants to play with the nice gas man and goes downstairs.  I have to drag her back upstairs.  Finally, back upstairs I try to get the kids back on track with school work.  I can handle this small distraction.  We'll be fine~or so I thought.  While reaching for my daughter's book at the same time she does, my whole extra large, just filled coffee mug tips over. Coffee everywhere~dripping off books, papers, onto chairs, the floor, splattering the curtain. Won't you guess it~while the melee of trying to contain it and clean it up is happening~the gas guy has to walk right through that area. He tries to make it to the front door and leave but somehow through all of this the coat rack got moved~I'm thinking it was gremlins~and his big bag of tools gets caught on it.  It's tipping over and almost hitting him on the head.   I think he left heaving a great sigh of relief.  I think we need a bigger house with a school room.  

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! just another one of those happy homeschool days. LOL~This maybe why some people think homeschoolers are weird.  I am sorry to all my fellow homeschoolers out there.  I never meant to add to the "homeschooers are weird " value permeating everyday society.  

Why is it that no one visits when the house is clean and we are having a good day?!

I would love to read more stories of those who have been in this same predicament. Please do share~I don't want to think I am all alone in this.


Simply Heart And Home said...

I can certainly relate to your post. I do my best to at least keep things tidy in case friends stop by. And if my house is a bit of a mess, I have learned to just smile and start the coffee.



Jane said...

I am so with you on this! The same thing happens in school. The whole class is engaged in the best lesson ever. Ever! Nobody! The moment something spills, or I have trouble getting the projector to work, that's when the principal shows up! On the home front, I had let laundry and cleaning go in favor of report cards the last weekend of school. In a morning rush, I had dumped my laundry basket looking for something that I needed, then I ran to school. Well, of course that's the day the building manager decides to inspect! AKK!

Carol............. said...

Hey Ruth! long as there's coffee (tea, pop, or wine) and good company, who cares about the setting!

mysteryhistorymom said...

My house is a mess most of the time! lol! You are certainly not alone, Sweetie. I love it when it is tidy, but it takes such a short amount of time to get messy again. sigh...

Thanks so much for your prayers, Sweets. Today has been such a turn around(I pray that it will continue) and I think it's because of all the sweet prayers. How blessed I am by the Lord and all my bloggy buddies.:) Thank you for taking the time to care. I so appreciate it! Lori

Jane said...

Hi Ruth,

Your the apron give away winner! Send me your address to janeclifflittle at yahoo dot com and I will pop those in the mail for you. So glad you will enjoy them. They really are sweet!

monica said...

Ruth, What a funny story! I can so relate!!! I will be joining the ranks of the home schoolers in the fall! It's just the way life goes!

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