Thursday, April 23, 2009

Convention Time

My daughter and I are heading to the homeschool convention.  I am thrilled to be attending again this year.  It is such a great time to be refreshed and inspired.  A time to reflect on the past school year and see what has worked and what needs to be let go.  I love to listen to the speakers and browse all the curriculum options.  To see and hear about different styles and approaches.  That is what's so wonderful about homeschooling~doing what works for your family.  There maybe some wonderful things that I see at the convention and sound truly spectacular but before I jump in and purchase anything, I need to think~will this work for us? There are many great options but it may not fit your family or your style.  I need to take the time to evaluate what really works, what to continue what and what areas are we a little weak in.  It's different for each one.  This year I am heading to the convention with a list prepared and ideas floating through my head.  I don't want to forget my direction and buy what's sounds the greatest or what is the latest.  
We are blessed to have so many resources available to homeschoolers now.  So many choices and different options.  For me to stay focused and on track and not get carried away, I need to go prepared.

The calendar says it's spring but we have seen very few sunny days here.  The temps have been low and there have only been about 4 sunny days in April.  I need the sunshine.  Long periods of rainy, cloudy days put me in a foul mood and I don't really feel like doing anything.  This weekend they are promising 70 degree temps and sunshine.  I hope that it doesn't change.  My garden needs the sunshine.  I need the sunshine to go out and work in our garden.  I am so excited at the thought of being out in the sunshine and working.

Have a great weekend.


Carol............. said...

Hi, Ruth..your blog comment is so true!

And thanks for commenting on my new page, "We the People".

We just returned to Washington so I'll be pretty busy for the next
few weeks getting things organized around here and getting my vegetable garden planted...

Sheryl-lyn said...

Hope you enjoyed the convention. Home schooling really has come so far since it first became popular, huh?

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