Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things I have worked on

I was busy for some time this summer working on this trim. I made enough of it to add it to the curtains in our living room. There are eight tab top curtains (84 inches each) that were expensive but I was tired of looking at them the same all the time. So I got busy and made enough trim for all the curtains. I hope to upload a picture of the finished curtains soon. I made two of these scarves recently. They are made with ribbon yarn. I love the colors in this one they remind me of fall, my favorite season. I am hoping to make a couple more with a black/white pattern in the yarn. These scarves are very lightweight.

I would love to sell these scarves. If anyone is interested please leave me a comment with your email. They will be $22 each. I will measure them and give you the exact measurements if you are interested.
Today is my dear husband's birthday. We are not buying gifts for each others birthdays because we both made big purchases earlier in the year that we will count as our birthday presents. Instead of buying him things I made some treats to satisfy his sweet tooth. I made sugar cookies and chocolate covered pretzels.
When we were finished with school we went apple picking. The farm was great and had some really wonderful animals. We were able to feed the ponies, donkeys and goats some apples because it's not a weekend. On the weekend they can't allow people to feed them because they get overfed. The goats were my favorite. There were some adorable baby goats. We had so much fun. What a blessing to be able to have some family fun. I enjoy doing things that will give us many happy memories.
I am hoping to make it to the bookstore tomorrow. My daughter has the Brisingr book on hold and I am looking forward to the new Mary Janes Farm magazine. I hope our bookstore has received it. I don't think I could wait another minute. On our ride up to the farm today. I took the last issue with me and enjoyed it all over again. I could reread it a thousand times. It is definitely eye candy. I enjoy it from cover to cover. One of my favorite things are the sewing and handcrafts. I love the bloomers in the last issue. Can anything make you feel more like a lady than wearing those lace bloomers? The Prairie Skirts and Roundup Skirts are on my to do list. I would love to make these skirts for myself. While my eyes are feasting on all the beautiful pictures in this magazine, I am also learning so much. I love to read the tips, Every Woman Has a Story and the Newsroom. So much to learn all sandwiched into the delightful covers of this magazine. This is why I can't wait another minute to purchase and savor the new issue.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh the scarves are beautiful! :) I would love to give one or two away on my blog as a giveaway and in return give you link-luv! lol

I'm glad you liked my graphics, and yes, maybe a tutorial would be in order!

Pen of Jen said...

I love the addition to the are one talented person:) And the scarves are incredible! Perhaps you have heard of it is a crafters mall and you could sell these there!

As to the bloomers and skirt...I made myself seven pair just kind of following a pair of shorts I had and embellished them with lace. I used muslin and cotton. Love love love them, I then made myself four skirts and three jumpers to make me a complete farmwife!!!!!

From what I have read here you and I are a lot gals! Keep crafting on the scarves and if you open an Etsy store let me know I will link you.

Jennifer blog)

Autumn said...

Nice to meet you Ruth- your blog is lovely!
I can't wait to see those curtains!!!

smoothiejuice said...

gosh look at that lacey bit awesome is that...good work, keep us posted on the progress! cheers!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you! That would be wonderful to giveaway a scarf - now that it's officially fall! LOL

I will email you about another matter regarding the scarves. :)

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Ruth, you are so talented. I wish I knew how to knit or crochet.

The scarves are beautiful!

Michelle said...

Hi Ruth!
oh, your scarves are beautiful! Love the colors. I started knitting last year, I know it is relaxing for most people but it stressed me out! ha!
Hope you and your family have been doing well.

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